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    [Add Me Android] One Post per Thread - January 2014

    Welcome Knights!

    Before you post, please note that spamming is not acceptable and those post will be removed. That being said, one post will be sufficient to be fair to everyone.

    Please be sure to include the following information to make it easier for your fellow knights to add you.

    Friend Code:
    Knight's name:
    Knight's level:

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    Apr 2012
    Friend Code:WBH-MBM-QXB
    Knight's name:Bala
    Knight's level: 20

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    Daily player

    Hey all daily player lvl 31 add plz

    wbh hmb hhv

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    Friend Code: WBG-YGZ-MPD
    Knight's name: Evenstars
    Knight's level: 52

    2 Epic armors and I play daily.

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    Friend code WBF-CDH-CVX
    Knights name Hellboy
    level 102
    blazeborn armor is maxed
    looking for all lvl of friends
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    Add if u.need help with epic boss or anything
    Wbb nzf bqh
    Guild: Beastmode Gods
    Position: High commander
    Lvl 100+
    Current armors
    MAXED: Behemoths+, Redstone+, Nians+, Aotd+, Glacius+, Wyvern+, Typhoon+, Krampus+
    WORKS IN PROGRESS: Beastmaster+ 94/99, wraithscale+ 40/99, black kal 20/99
    And other various legs and ultras
    U can test them if u don't like em
    Line ID pinkfluffyballz

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    add me


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    Hi All,

    I just started the game somewhere after Jack Frost.

    My Friend Code : WBG-XRF-XMF
    Main Knight name : gqhong
    Lvl 96

    Currently, I have 01 x 5* (epic), 01 x 4*+ (legendary) and 08 x 4* (legendary)
    None are MAX yet and they are the normal version.
    Last edited by gqhong; 01-12-2014 at 07:20 PM. Reason: update

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    Friend Code:WBB-BMQ-DHW
    Knight's name:King
    Knight's level: 71

    I'm a daily player looking to fill up my f.list. Add me and let's progress!

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    Hi, please add me

    Friend Code:WBH-FDZ-HZC
    Knight's name:Efreed
    Knight's level:39

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    Hello, pls add me



    Level 112

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    Just started playing!



    lvl 11 so far

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    Hi , add me please

    Really need friends to add me

    my code : WBH DRM XHF
    my name : eugene0925
    Level : 56

    Just started playing
    Please add my code in add friends area

    thank you

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    Hey please add


    Just started on android recently after playing on ios/still playing on ios(lvl189)

    my code : WBH DVH YHQ
    my name : Bulb
    Level : 41

    and please add my friend who just started yesterday:

    code : WBH NWM XVM
    name : Moose
    Level : 16

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    Add me WBG-WQC-WFG
    knights name: Eddie
    level 39

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