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    Smile add me

    lvl 344
    Add me after tutorial. I can help with Epic Bosses

    I have BKAL, 2 Epics, and 10 +Legendary armors maxed out
    Daily player

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    Add me after the tutorial please ^_^

    Daily player here!

    Level 55

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    add me

    multiple times a day daily player looking to add friends
    i really want to grab me some boss armours

    friend code wbf ymh qcm
    knights name Lletherien
    knights level 44 as of this post

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    Join Date
    Jan 2014
    New York

    Add Me

    EDIT: New code, as my old account got messed up and I essentially had to start over. I'm on every day, so feel free to add me.

    Last edited by Toast78901; 01-20-2014 at 11:58 AM.

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    add me!

    Lvl 20

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    Daily Player

    Friend Code:WBH-WZH-XNF
    Knight's name: Arkuz
    Knight's level: 32

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    Friend Code: WBH-ZPG-MCD
    Knight's name: Belial
    Knight's level: 15

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    Add me - lvl 61

    Please add me
    lvl 61
    Name: Laura

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    Add me

    Code: WBH-VYF-GVD
    Knights name: HH Luksil
    Level: 40

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    My code is wby dnh drc

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    add me new to game


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    Join Date
    Jan 2014
    Removed code.
    Last edited by Sent; 01-20-2014 at 02:20 PM. Reason: yapnop

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    Cool Daily Player

    Guild: House Atreides
    Level: 81
    Friend Code: XBD ZXX HBZ
    1 Epic
    8 legendary

    This is actually my secondary toon. I am currently working with gree technical support to retrieve my primary account and regain control of my guild. Armor on this toon have surpassed my main so I guess technically this has become my main since it is the only playable account I have at the moment until gree technical support can retrieve my account form a tablet that died. I am a daily player and am constantly working on upgrading armor. None maxed yet.

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    Please add me

    Friend Code: WBH-NGV-PWZ
    Knight's name:Micvik
    Knight's level:26

    daily player and very active. really needs friends so i can get that 30 friends request.... i'l add back

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