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Thread: Top 150 Syndicate - CISNAL - Needs Active Members

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    Top 150 Syndicate - CISNAL - Needs Active Members

    Join us at Cisnal!

    All Bonuses Acquired!

    We just need you to donate bricks once in a while!

    No minimum donations amount needed!

    Hungry Players looking to move up from top 500 syndicates & below are most welcome to join us...


    • Active free players & mostly available for battles & other syndicate events
    • We do not require you to buy gold but it will be a plus if you're a light gold spender
    • Willing to communicate with members using alternative app - GroupMe

    Stats Requirement

    • 1.0 - 1.5 Million Att/Def Stats For Level 120 below
    • 1.6 - 2.5 Million Att/Def Stats For Level 121-150
    • 2.1 - 3.5 Million Att/Def Stats For Level 151-199
    • Above 3.5 Million Att/Def Stats For Level 200 & Above

    We also welcome merger from other syndicates into ours...

    PM me your ID, Level, Att, Def, IPH, Last battle IP contribution as the specified format.

    Crime City ID:
    Attack Stats:
    Defence Stats:
    Last Battle IP Contribution:

    Thanks all

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    CC Name: Alex
    380 430 904
    Level: 198
    Attack: 2M
    Defense: 2.1M
    IPH (Income per hour): 3M
    IP (Influence Points): 20 - 25k with active syndicate, maybe more if really active
    Gold/Free player - Free but will spend a little gold if my IP are low
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    Mar 2014
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    my cc profile

    [B]Crime City ID:126558965
    Attack Stats: 3.46m
    Defence Stats:3.6m
    IPH: 127423
    Last Battle ip:Around 10k had some issues with net couldn't play the last day.Before that my battle ip was 18k.I don't use Gold but active most of the time and have group me.
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