Fallen Garden Gnomes need a pick me up.


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Thread: Fallen Garden Gnomes need a pick me up.

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    Fallen Garden Gnomes need a pick me up.

    We are the remains of what used to be a 50 wins guild, but one of our players, who used to have several accounts has left and we are now left with our fishing lines, but no hooks. We would like people who like to be active at war time and who can actively help us in guild quests. We struggle with the latter, due to lack of numbers. The founder was given the guild, when the multi account player left. We are keen players, but need some help.

    Gem spending is not prolific. Founder achieved over 100k cp this war, but we are more interested in activity and would like to achieve 50 wins again, or higher placings. We also require daily donations, so we can finish buying guild bonuses.

    Guild code: 980-486-134.

    Thanks for reading.
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    Get a new recruit

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