View Poll Results: Do we want wars during the holidays?

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  • No, I have family. I don't have time for a war during holidays.

    45 60.00%
  • No, my mother will beat me

    6 8.00%
  • Yes, I have no life, no family, no girlfriend/boyfriend...

    5 6.67%
  • Yes, I will ignore my family for digital data.

    19 25.33%
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    Guild Wars Holiday????

    Why do we have guild wars during family holiday events? What's next a war during Christmas?

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    And a Blitz on New Years

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    Yeah, I dunno wtf they are thinking there. Why not just wait till Friday? This will be our first official Thanksgiving as a married couple with my family and I will not be sitting there on my phone all day... Come on Gree.
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    Gree dont care about your family or responsibilities. They care about your money.

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    Holidays? Sucks to be you I guess. Thanksgiving was October for us in Canada no holiday here.

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    You probably would be on your phone anyway... No biggie

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    Japan don't celebrate no turkey day bwahaha
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    nice forum :]

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    Its a Wednesday which stinks. No holiday here lol

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    Christmas time would be by far the worst time for a war.. For me atleast. Buying gifts for my parents, sister, neices, nephews. it's a lot for me

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    Ill make sure you will be rewarded
    we dont have thanksgiving but i have exam on that day

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    Moar Wars Moar Often Plz

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    Without being an ass, thanksgiving isn't a universal holiday. There are other people besides Americans playing this game.

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    Use your imagination
    Can't vote.

    You forgot: "I don't celebrate christmas".

    Its only for marketting these days. Its not even christmas anymore. Besides, i choose to spend my money more wisely.

    Edit: Im so blind in the morning. But at least i noticed now. I wrote christmas - Was suppose to be thanksgivning - Or any holiday for that matter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by template View Post
    Without being an ass, thanksgiving isn't a universal holiday. There are other people besides Americans playing this game.

    Note: if I disappear, it's coz my American guildies murdered me.
    People who only think of themselves? Like the people who complain that guild wars is on when THEY are still at work, and don't all start and end when they want it to? Global game? Psh.

    Quote Originally Posted by Eunuchorn View Post
    Moar Wars Moar Often Plz
    The Eunuchorn has spoken...
    Can't wait until the "we're bored, give us more to do" people become the "no, its too much too soon!" people. And you know I don't mean you Eun. Just saying.

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