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Thread: Looking for a temp home

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    Looking for a temp home

    I have an account looking for a temp home to help out with faction ltq. This account is lvl 155 with almost 4k energy. If your faction needs help please send pm.

    I also have another account that will or need a home for boss event. I will get50-75 boss kills. Let me know if your interested .
    Gargamel lvl40 2m/2m
    Madison Lvl 59 7m/6m

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    Send an invite and we can chat. 102-200-183

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    We seem to average finishing in the top 750 every time, but that is with an average of 7 open spots. If you are interested in coming over we would be grateful. We are a good faction that works well together, and have a strong leader.

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