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    Reach-arounds are good, this is not.

    Wow just wow.
    Irony is now that many who never spent money on the game are now using money to level their new commanders.
    I got nothing from this glitch which is cool because i have good comms etc.

    So im just gonna sit here and glaze my baguette whilst i wait for hordes of 70's, 80's and 90's by players with 30% individual boosts come try to take my megas .

    Glitches happen, but gree's response to date to any glitch has been pretty bad. Those thousands of extra troops you gave people last glitch.... All that accomplished was giving people a great lead in the ap event when they attacked an op with 100k arti being run by a level 50 comm.

    My festicles will need to be massaged after this. Both the righticle, and the lefticle.

    I love you

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    I agree that refunds should be given to those who have spect money on comms. While I was one of the fortunate ones that received many excellent recruits, I still feel that what happened is unacceptable.

    I suspect there will be an update soon?


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    this could be the end of this game. I got 20 elites which turned out to be all 30s... I am seeing big gold
    alliances now having multiple 90s, 80s, 70s... no way to compete. Love this game, but will not spend any more money and that means I will get crushed over and over and be forced to leave like many others... game is completely unbalanced and this current glitch has made it even worse... I feel many people will unfortunately throw in the towel....

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    Just spend more gold to get back on top like you did originally. Problem solved.

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    Last message is totally bull****.

    Im on top and never bought gold, and wont.

    I was sleeping when this glitch happened. Its already hard to compete with those gold spenders.
    Now they will be plenty of players with 90 for no reason and u ask for buy?
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    Agreed this is unfair

    I agree I know people that got 4 black rain commanders for free as I had to pay for my 3 over time. In my opionion either give out cmdrs for free or give me back all the gold i spent on getting mine so I have same chance as they did. Or figure some way to fix this becouse I spent a lot if money in support of this game now you have all these ppl running around wit 80's and 90's and diddnt have to work them. Not the happiest player honestly at the molment.
    Hope this gets resolved gree becouse I love this game.

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    Spending gold

    I did find it ironic that they are selling the commanders now. I mean, I can't even open all of the commanders I got until I do some major absorbing.

    I do like having the 30% vehicle health boost though...
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    Can they roll it back?

    Will they do anything?

    If they can't roll it back what can they possibly do?

    I would except a roll back in commanders as the min needed, the effect they have had is impossible to roll back.

    Any shred of faith in gree is long gone. I love the game but their handling of it means I want all the money I have spent on it back because they have destroyed the value of all the gold I spent on items and commanders.

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    Roll back should have happened immediately. The longer they wait the more problems a roll back causes. Considering it's been close to 16 hours I wouldn't expect a roll back anymore. BUT judging from the looks of things this could kill a lot of worlds.

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    Greedy Gree

    Gree is a joke. I have 800 mil bp finish top 10 every individual event and 1 or 2 every alliance event. Still all I have are level 60 commanders. I have spent way too much time and money on this game. Now people with less than 1/4 of my bp are able to make 90s bc of this glitch. It's ridiculous. Definitely gave me the push I need to delete this ap. now if Greedy Gree would only give me the refund I deserve.

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    This is crazy!!

    I have played this game since the release and worked hard and spent a little to get were I am and guys in my alliance have been given lots of commanders and boosts. I am not naming anyone but one guy got 22 platinum, 11 gold and 30 elite commanders and over 30% in permanent boosts. Also on world chat lots have the same.

    I also was asleep during the glitch and got nothing but if I did I would still feel the same. Our world is finished. I have already been attacked by players with these new commanders.

    The only way Gree can sort this out is a roll back but I think its to late. Time for me to throw in the towel if nothing is done.

    I also want a refund Gree

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    They just killed all the worlds with this one. I went from being one of the strongest players in W7 to a has. Been over the last two glitches. I have a few 90s, but now people in my alliance and others receive more epic commanders off one glitch then I have in the game to date. To say the least I am done.

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    This glitch has killed the gold economy within World of Nations which was built entirely on getting better attack/defense stats (via commanders, boosts, etc.).

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    Exactly if nothing is fixed or done then I would also like my real world money back becouse now all the money I spent on commanders and every thing is ruined and for nothing. I am now one of the weaker players in w17 and I have lvl 70's. that's just unfair in my opinion. Gree really messed up with this one. I would like to see every one that complained to gree to recive cmdrs to compete now against this glitch. Or some how take back what they have givin out. If its not fixed soon I want my money back :/............................

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    Free Commander Give Away.

    I agree with a lot of these posts.....I spent a lot of money on w 20 and for what?! For others who haven't done crap to get what I payed for?! To top it off the glitch or w.e it was on November 11th 2013 I didn't get anything! I would at least not be so angry if I was compensated like all the rest was! I payed several hundred dollars on this game and to get nothing leaves me feeling very un appreciated for the money I have spent! I think Gree finally screwed it up this time! Oneof the worlds I m in an alliance member reported getting 47 commanders!!! REALLY?! While the ones who deserve it get screwed. Make it up to those who got the shaft Gree! Step up to the plate you owe us all!

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