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    (Android) Majestic Alliance recruiting!

    [Android] MaJestic Alliance - Guild Wars 3rd and 11th

    MaJestic Alliance

    New viewers/applicants: Majestic Alliance is Majestics second formed team and was able to achieve 3rd place in there first Guild War and 11th in the most recent Guild Wars. We will be more strict on requirements from now on and you will be based on your armors and what you are willing to spend for guild wars - proof pics of gems required.

    Welcome to the recruitment thread for Majestic Alliance, the second guild for Majestic. Majestic is 1 ofthe highest level guilds on Android and we would like to recruit active and competitive players who wants to win and compete. As part of the Majestic group, we will help get its feet set off the ground and have it stand side by side with the main guild. Our goal is to have this guild be a top contender for guild wars along with the main guild. There is also a chance to be promoted to the main guild if a player becomes inactive or an emergency occurs.

    If you meet the requirements below and would like to join us, message Spongie on the forums.

    Line Messenger is a must. This is how we talk, and most importantly, communicate with each other. You can download it on the app store.

    If you already have line you can also contact us there, Line ID: Spongie84

    Minimum lv100 (unless you have exceptional gear or spend)
    Line Messenger
    All castle expansions unlocked (or 1 missing)
    Majority Lv3 TFs or Lv3 Monsters' Nests (Lv2s will be rejected)
    Maxed 4*/epic armors (maxed 3* will be accepted if you meet the other requirements)
    Spending gemz is a must
    Guild Wars: Around 50k points is a minimum needed to score

    You may contact the players above if you have any questions about the requirements listed. Join us if you would like to be at the top and hope to see you around.
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    Lvl 100+ Android player (Majestic pants)
    Guild: Majestic

    Kerst+ max ----- beast max
    devo+ max ----- necro max
    forge+ max ----- blazestone max
    mael+ max ----- blaze max
    tec+ max ----- moon max
    blaze+ max ----- arborsteel max
    moon+ max

    I need more pants currently at 122/129

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