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    Wink Majestic Nation New Website Open

    Our New Website open, you can come for a visit or submit your appliation there at
    More information will be avaiable soon.
    Add Spongie84 or roby.selaija on line chat for more information
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    I don't play k&d now, I just play Majestic Gm.

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    Hello all,

    The Majestic guilds have space for new recruits. Typically the main guild will promote the top performers from Alliance, so expect to start there unless you are an established top player.


    Level 100+
    Level 3 TFs or Monster Nests
    At least one maxed epic for Alliance, two for main, with at least two additional maxed epic boss+ armors

    If you meet these minimum requirements, please submit an app through http://www.majesticnation.com. Screenshots of previous war points and current armors are very helpful.

    Please contact Endraine on LINE with any questions.

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