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Thread: question for the mods

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    Quote Originally Posted by Need Mafia View Post

    You must have some massive calves.
    Unfortunately, Molly's Voice does not. Thats why his boobs look so disproportionate

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    Seems crazy, but they are too busy for their customers.

    I had to reset my phone and have been waiting days for any sort of response about restoring my character. I had to do it once before and everything was restored within a day. Those days are gone.

    I've just written to Funzio/Gree to refund my last gold purchase, to let them no they no longer need to bother restoring the character, and that if the only way to restore your character is through email request, it would be highly advisable to have a decent turn around time on those requests.

    Not sure when they'll see it though, maybe sometime next month?

    Whatever. Fun game, but what a terrible customer service experience. Wonder how many more gold spenders they'll lose.

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