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  • More Epics

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  • Harder modes/levels

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  • Story mode

    13 9.03%
  • Expansion for those over level 100

    58 40.28%
  • In-game trading

    47 32.64%
  • Chat functionality outside of guild

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  • New Guild system

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  • New Epic Boss System

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    **OFFICIAL** Feedback and Suggestions Thread!

    Hello, my fellow knights!

    **UPDATE 1/15/: I've Added a poll..pending results, new feedback threads will be made in regards to specific categories as this thread has become a bit overwhelming to parse through. If you have ideas on categories...feel free to comment on this thread**

    In light of your overwhelming requests via the forums and support, here is the Feedback thread you've asked for!

    Just a few things:

    1. Please be reasonable
    2. Don't spam the thread about fusing epics unless you have a unique idea on this mechanic
    3. Please don't bash each other's ideas. This thread is for you to voice your ideas for future features you would like to see and for you to give constructive, and yes, even critical feedback about current features/mechanics in the game. Let's keep it civil

    While we genuinely try to keep an eye on all of your suggestions via forums and support, we don't catch everything. Some things may not be possible to implement or may take a while but we do try to implement player feedback as much as possible when designing new features/events.

    As a final note, thanks a lot in advance. We really do appreciate your support!

    Aaaaand obligatory Elita gif:

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    Thanks Elita!!!!!

    Here's my wish list:

    1. an option to write short player notes on other players.. it would be a little text bubble that would follow them, visible only to me... I want to take note of their armors, etc as I fight them in the arena so I can better align my weapons before I get into a battle with them. This would encourage me to use the collection of armors I have as opposed to using the barbaric brute force and relying on random luck. PLUS it would reward me for keeping up to date with my opponents ever changing armors too

    2. More more more quests!!!! Please something to keep the mining fun and rewarding. Do you realize how many times I've dozed off while collecting those stupid snake skins?

    3. More balance! The new armors (boss armors, epic armors) are getting more and more inflated, which makes the original armors more and more useless. What's the point of gathering elements from the Zephyr Plateau, etc when the armors are more expensive to craft, and their stats are now so weak relative to other armors out there?

    4. The pace for the wars are out of whack! I think I can only handle one big guild war per month, and then it would be nice to space them out with shorter blitz wars in between

    5. more collections! (again, more things to make the mundane things more exciting)
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    1. Rotate between fusion fighter and epic wars. That way people are more able to level their new epics.

    2. More limited edition quests. That was the most fun I had for a long time in that game. Make the rewards fusion boosts, fusion stones, and enchanted chest keys.

    3. More guild features. Ideas are guild bosses, quests where we have to farm materials, and maybe even contests too. Most levelups in a week gets 3 fusion boosts or something, obviously with a minimum guild member requirement.

    4. Maybe quad fusions, where the first 2 can be like basic armors and influence the elements while the bottom 2 affect the level. Then, for higher chances ofgetting better gear increase the amount of fusion stones required, for instance 1 epic requires 30 fusion stones. Then people will farm a lot more to get fusion stones.

    5. Rare bosses that interupt a level, where if you beat them they drop a random armor, from basics to epics. Make the spawn rate very low though.

    6. Make it so the rewards are better for guild wars, that way people would be more inclined to try harder and more motivated.

    7. Increase the size of the castle, newer armors are hard to enhance and require more gold, so if we have more spots then it would be betteer for leveling. Each additional spot should cost 5 gems, 10 gems, 15 gems etc.

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    Like everyone else said and a few more:

    1) While maybe not possible, a queue for something like basic armors would be nice so that I don't have to be on the game every 5 minutes. As far as I can tell, it wouldn't cost you guys any money or anything by implementing it.

    2) New storyline levels with better armors. Like stated, the bigger four are becoming outdated and I fused mine away since I don't use them anymore.

    3) More castle expansions (maybe just get rid of the arena/enhance buildings since they're accessible in the menu)

    4) More Limited Time Quests.

    5) Updated chests. Most armors in the DPC are completely useless now except maybe combustion.

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    I have many similar suggestions to others above me. But I want to express my own version of what needs to be added.

    Topic: Guild Wars

    1. Rewards: I'm not going to complain (too much) about rewards but please do make them more appealing to all players. Maybe like someone said in another thread, there should be limited edition rewards for the players in guilds from 11-500 or just to 250, these don't have to have great stats but it means more to have something different than armor that is fuseable/craftable to all!
    For example, the top 10 right now have the epics, these epics have never been fuseable from what I know of, quoting someone else on the forum, its like a trophy to the winners. Maybe some people don't consider top 100 to be much of an accomplishment, lower levels might be working very hard to get to there. Basically summing it up, Guild War rewards should have more meaning than just being an armor that a person that didn't attend to the war can get easily.

    2. Servers: Just wondering how the servers are always buggy? Do you really have to change so much between wars? If you fix it one war, then the next one shouldn't have much problem right?

    3. Guardians: These guardians have so much potential to the game, but right now there is very few, only the first few basic ones. It would be cool, if we could have more bosses in wars. Maybe, just maybe guilds can buy epic bosses when they are the week's epic boss, so for example right now it's Headless Horseman, in this week people can buy 1 Headless Horseman, these cost more and have better stats. Each guild should only be able to hold 3 epic bosses instead of grouping them in the usual 75. When war comes like let's say 3 weeks later, we can deploy this boss.
    I like how you added that whoever deals the most damage gets rewards, this can then be added that you could get mats for these epic bosses, 1-5 mats is plenty since not all the guilds are going to be deploying/buying them. This also makes guild plan, assigning one person to kill all the Headless Horseman is smarter than having everyone attack so they won't all have like 5 mats and can't craft it.

    Topic: Trading

    Let's face it, everyone knows that "trading" would be misused. But with the right ways of implementing we could make this work!

    1. Trading should be anonymous, no usernames will be put up. This will limit the people to easily be able to make a second account and trade OP armors to that.

    2. Epic to epic, legendary to legendary, ultra to ultra, etc. You get the point. Armors can only be traded if it is the same rarity.

    3. When you put an armor up for trade it will be taken away from your inventory. Within the next week the armor will go up for trade. It could go up in 2 days, 5 days, or 1 day. This is so that the you can't plan a trade. Is it possible to plan it still? Yes it is but it isn't easy.

    4. When searching for an armor it will just take one of them to show you. So if 300 blazebornes are put up for trade and you want one, when you search it will only bring up one at random.

    5. People will be given a list of trade request after 7 days. They can then decide if they want to trade it.

    6. People have to pay a fee to put up a trade, other people have to pay a fee if they want to request a trade. If the owner agrees with trade each person has to pay another fee if he owner takes the trade down he has to pay another fee. This seems sucky but will help make sure people won't spam the trading.

    That is all so far on trading, will add more!
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    Also, I recommend one Idea per post.

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    I would like a push notification for when someone has declared/when a war starts.

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    1. A guild version of the LTQ.

    2. A guild version of epic bosses, similar to how guardians work but with more health.

    3. Make a few weak epics that can be obtained through fusion. The stronger epics will need to be obtained through fusion of these weak epics. The weak epics don't even need to have good stats, like an epic version of cloud kings finery (useless except for fusion).
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    New unique armors at all levels for guild war prizes! You create a new epic armor, let's expand it and create a new legendary armor and a new ultra rare armor. There haven't been any new armors at the 3 star level in a very long time.
    Also put fusion stones back in the arena prizes! Those were the only motivating prize in there. It would be nice if the prizes were good at all, but making them worse doesn't help anything.
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    Please Note. Suggestions!

    1. As I stated in a previous thread, please offer new legendary armors that are AT LEAST on par with the plus and non plus stats of the current Epic Boss armors for war rewards. You put in effort to make new armors for Epic Bosses and Epic Armors for war, so this shouldn't be an unreasonable request. People will love you for it. Offering things like blackfrost raiment is truly useless to players now.

    2. Make the wars rotate. That is to say, real war then fusion blitz war then real war then fusion blitz war etc. You were already doing this...this new war is the one that broke the pattern. Fusion boost armors are hard enough to come by

    3. If you're going to put EXTREMELY outdated armors like the previous Epic Boss armors as possible fusion results, you should at least make them plus. I know we can't fuse plus armors, but these old epic boss armor fusion results should be plus. Let's be honest, the plus version will still barely compare to the current nonplus Epic Boss armor stats.

    4. Trading and Gifting armors. This is self explanatory, but HUGE.

    5. Please bring back fusion boost armors for guardian kills in war. If you can't make it two per kill, make it one. But please. You nuked the guardians so much that getting a fusion stone or two 1-gold-star armors is absolutely not worth it.

    6. I'd like a way to check how many crafting materials I have regardless of whether all my armorsmiths are busy.

    7. You guys release so many auto patches for the game and whenever my game restarts itself, I'm left holding on to the edge of my seat wondering what the heck it updated. Not cool. We should be given a description. Or at least an update informing us over this forum sometime before hand.

    8. I actually really enjoyed the great old ones quest. I found it extremely challenging at the time, but feasible. For the amount of work and time I spent on it, the reward was worth it. In a perfect world, I'd like that to be done for every chest so players can get free keys that way, but I understand if it can't happen that often.

    9. Fusion stones should be brought back for ribbons A-D in the arena.

    10. A stage for each level that is more difficult that Epic. Call it...Hero or something, i don't know

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    1. More fusion stones! they are really hard to get right now.

    2. If possible, more and harder levels. Maybe a dark King at some point, that would be interesting

    3. More quests like the Great Old One!

    4. Trading with other knights.

    5. Guild armory or some more stuff with guilds.

    5. Messaging other knights.

    6. Rotating pattern with wars.

    7. New legendary armors.

    Thank you SO much for implementing this! I don't know if you will actually use any of these ideas, but at least you took the initiative and made the thread! This will really make a lot of us more happy to know we are heard. Thanks!
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    New craftable Super Rare armor

    Crafting rares takes 2 hours. Crafting ultra rares takes 24 hours.

    It would be nice to have a craftable armor between those two times, perhaps 8 hours. This way we could queue an armor before bed/work/school and have crafting take place during the entire period without taking up an entire day.

    We could gather materials for this armor in either a new map location or with an additional epic boss.

    The gap between 2 hours and 24 hours doesnt leave room for using an amorsmith to its full potential. Craftable Super Rares could fix this.
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    Suggestion 1 - Remove Arena Building (From my Other Thread)

    Suggestion 2 - Put a level requirement on Armors

    There are lots of good armors that Im sure people put hard work in to create that just get skipped early/mid game. Doesnt affect end game. It stops new people from just buying the latest chest events and missing half the game.

    Im suggesting something like this or whatever is reasonable.

    2 star - Level 20
    3 star - Level 40
    Legendary/Epic Boss - Level 60
    Epics - Level 80

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    Better push notifications.

    After 2 weeks the following are useless:
    Expansion Slots

    What would be better:
    War Notifications (as mentioned earlier)
    Epic Energy Notifications

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    Remove "rare" armor from the epic chests. At least remove the ones we can craft. Getting EP less than the amount of gems spent really sucks.

    More communication with players. Let us know what is in the pipeline and what has happened when updating. Let us know what armors are and are not fusable.

    (guild wars) Upgrade guardians so they increase points gained while alive. I still can not figure out why people buy them like they are. Also as mentioned earlier more guardian types would be cool.

    Please work on customer service. 3 weeks is far too long to wait for a reply.
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