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    I hope there a prediction like this for IOS. Interesting read

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    I was surprised to find Majestic Alliance not in the top 10. I wouldn't be surprised if that changed though....
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    Kris the fights were good, most fun this war. but during our 4th lots of my guys got connection error. hopefully we see you Unicorns one more time to settle the score >.<
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    Can someone post updates of the Andriod war just like the iOS war?

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    Current Standings.

    1. Majestic - 5256361
    2. Penial Erectorus - 4118273
    3. Team Awesome - 3910486
    4. The Legends - 3604232
    5. Death Knights - 3596311
    6. Knights of Renais - 3533825
    7. Beastmode Gods - 3490628
    8. Only The Best - 3486201
    9. Forsaken - 3467880
    10. BondBeyondTime - 3190110

    11. Majestic Alliance - 3179227
    12. Unicorn Stampede - 3142010

    Epic Knight, SG Knights, Brothers of Wrath round out the 15 but they start 1million behind #12..

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    This is one close War

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    SG Knights

    Wow to have my guild name SG Knights mentioned in a Top Ten thread makes me proud. Hats off to all spammers.
    Fight for 10th spot is going to be very interesting indeed. So many great guilds so close...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheGreatYumYum View Post
    This is one close War
    OMG I fell asleep and missed my last free hit in last war by 9 minutes, and looked at the scores ...woke me up. Im out of bed. Im like declare now, no rest, declare now, lol.

    How close the points are right now.

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    Looks like ranks 3-11 on Android are all within one battle of each other. Ahhh!!!
    Knights of Furyans

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    Ya KoR top ten!! Nice job guild. Hats off to all top 11 guilds. Well faught. Sorry Majestic Alliance. Well played.

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    Believe it! Comeback ftw!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by drygores View Post
    Believe it! Comeback ftw!!
    LOL gj guys. Even spectating that was a nail biter!

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    Nice job unicorn, that was a close call

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    Ill make sure you will be rewarded
    Quote Originally Posted by iH8t2lose2 View Post
    1. Majestic
    2. Penial Erectorus
    3. Only the Best
    4. Beastmode Gods
    5. Team Awesome
    6. Death Knights
    7. Unicorn Stampede
    8. Majestic Alliance
    9. Legends
    10. Forsaken
    This is the most accurate prediction
    Knights of renais was there but Maj All isnt

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oxilated View Post
    This is the most accurate prediction
    Knights of renais was there but Maj All isnt
    Mine was pretty close.

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