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Thread: From retirement to quitting, goodbye all.

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    I'm not interested in your account, just mine and my boys. But the people behind the accounts is what makes the game the best. I've chatted only a handful of times with you and you were very pleasant. Good luck Ferr and I truly wish you the best of luck on the next page of games.

    So who is going to fill that void?
    If it looks like a bird, it's simply Starling.

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    Extraordinary post Ferr !

    Much good sense truths but regrets also.
    Things change, sometimes we look behind to go on another track.
    Thanks for what you could bring us...

    Have Fun

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    Bye bye my idol, you will always be my idol....

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    Goodluck Ferr, shame you are leaving, best of luck at the tables.

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    I don't post much on the forum but have been around for well over a year. Your posts have been some of the few I read consistently. They were entertaining, informative, and the range of responses were always a good read. Loved how you prodded SUP time and time again. It was good for all of us to see. You will be missed but best of luck to you and your future endeavors.

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    Dear Ferr,
    Hate to see you leave, a legend and icon of sanity and righteousness in this game.
    Do believe your departure is a milestone in this game (if GREE doesn't get its act together): the beginning of the end...
    You will always be remembered as the one who tried to make this game better for everybody...

    Ik wens U het allerbeste toe, geniet van het leven zonder MW en ik hoop dat je veel nieuwe vrienden maakt !!
    Het allerbeste toegewenst vanwege een taalgenoot van over the grens

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    Thumbs up Het allerbeste gewenst!

    Namens de Dutch Fighters (top 200 in Mexico), het allerbeste gewenst voor de toekomst! Je hebt ongelooflijke dingen laten zien en ik denk dat stoppen op het hoogtepunt van de waanzin die het spel intussen is geworden de enige juiste is.

    Good luck from us!

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    hi ferr, never met, never spoke. but nevertheless all the best to you in the future.

    probably you find yourself another addiction than online games (or even no addiction at all) to fill the hole mw leaves? i'm working on that plan myself. till then me and my euros are stuck to mw .

    again: all the best and thanks for bringing suspense to the forum and the game for a long time!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starling View Post
    So who is going to fill that void?
    No-one. Gree can we have an ltq to remember Ferr by? You did this with Devin, Ferr should be given the same respect.

    My ally codes-341780448 *Modern War*

    Started game during Greenland campaign

    lv132 atk 16'513'225 def 27'191'202

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ferr View Post
    Dear all,

    Mexico was my last stand. I got the prizes but finally lost the fun. It is time for me to go. For all those i got to know I truly wish you good fortune and fair play ensuing the hazardous glitches this game is rich of. Without elaborating further I confirm there is no level playing field and this gets worse the higher amounts one spends.

    The friendships are real though and for that reason alone I hope this game will continue to exist for as long as its business model permits it.

    As to my account it has been an over 200k investment. A rather ridiculous amount I know and I do feel some regrets. Not so much as to the amount itself but for reasons not to be placed here on this forum. My account and base is maxed out on everything but the current 18 million in stats will be worth nothing soon lol, another reason to think twice about maintaining your account .

    Anyways, goodbye
    A retired
    And now quitting
    Take it easy Ferr you may be retired but your name will never good luck with the poker

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    PM for queries about my faction/walkthroughs/stuff.

    Top 100 - BBR Faction..RECRUITING NOW!!

    Building Def - 7/7 MAX -- Output 4/6
    Inf Def - 7/7 MAX -- Att - 4/6
    Grd Def - 7/7 MAX -- Att - 4/6
    Air Def - 7/7 MAX -- Att - 3/6
    Sea Def - 6/7 -- Att 2/6
    Health Reg - 7/7 MAX -- Cas Rate - 4/6
    Guild Inc 1,2,3 - 5/5 MAX -- Guild Inc 4 - 2/5
    Add me on LINE: "zulfiqaar"

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    Glad you finally realised, there's a lot coming fast behind you because as you point out Gree has messed up its own game.

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    Just woke up and read all your heartwarming posts. Damn, I am going to miss this. Take care you all.
    Unlike many think, we do not touch the world, we hover it.
    If you understand this, you love physics.

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    All the Jrs thank you for what you have done and we wish you the very best around the poker table. May your R.O.I be found there...

    We also would like to see your base and account left alone in cyber space as a monument of the greatest player ever.

    We thank you for your time...

    Your humble servant, Captain Steelman

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    Best of luck in the future Ferr, hopefully you can gain back some of the money you have spent in this game playing your poker It'll be strange to see who will next become the most famous MW player now that you have decided to leave, but no-one will overtake what you have done. Once again good luck in life!

    Back again, but now i'm not playing as much

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