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    Looking for an active friendly welcoming high level guild (106+ Android)

    my armours are in my signature,

    I'm looking for a successful (hopefully) somewhere near the top guild, I will spend and contribute to the success of the guild so... Get back to me if you'll have me!

    All expansions lv 3 TF's 3 armoursmiths

    Lv. 200+

    Blazeborn, Northener, Maelstrom, Nian+, Redstone+, Wraithscale+

    Kerstman's Shroud/Arborsteel Vanguard/Tectonic Mantle/Maelstrom Irons/Armour of the Devoted

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    Hi, I sent you a pm if you want to talk re: Legends

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    Contact me on line id: alecthomas
    DK Alec
    Guild: Death Knights (Andriod) Lvl 75
    Line ID: AlecThomas

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    Freelance mercs lvl 75 maxed bonuses finished 123 in last blitz lvl 50+ welcome my line I'd is dshughes65

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    hi check my thread 'The Resurrected' as we are looking for active players. Line id is rockybin

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    here to recruit for divergent freaks and viciously delicious

    here to recruit for divergent freaks and viciously delicious

    Hello all divergent freaks is completely maxed guild lv 75 all element bonuses currently 5 spost open lvl 60+ must be active with line app contact marius1234 koogler or Line id fayesuzanne also vd is our sub guild for training and prep to move up to df any interests may look up through guild search no major requirments except line and active thanks all

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    Live 2 Play (IOS)

    We are a top 50 guild recruiting skilled players who are willing to put the work in to get top 25. We have a great core of players with senior leadership and are looking to round out the rest of the guild. Gemming is not a requirement but if you want to get t25 it does help and I can tell you now most of our top players do gem. We have a minimum level requirement of 100 and have 1 maxed epic. Line app is required and you can add me ID is flex2909. And friend code is xbx-pzv-yzr in game name is flex. Contact me on line if interested.

    Earth 8%
    Wind 8%
    Water 8%
    Spirit 9%
    Fire 9%

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    Super Baaaddd recruiting on andriod

    Super Baaaddd is recruiting new members. Preferably higher levels but as long as you are active and contribute then we welcome you. I was a member of majestic, majestic alliance and BBT before I stopped playing. Now that I'm playing again I started a new guild and once we get member and level the guild we will be doing top 25 run possibly even top 10 if enough people are willing to spend gems. Message me on Line (ibgeorge) Look forward to having you join our guild!

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    The Shiva is recruiting

    The Shiva is currently recruiting on android. We are a united front alliance guild that will accept all levels of active players. Line messenger app is required. Please contact me at line id 3juggla33

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    the reckoning

    Max level guild with max bonuses. Top 200 easily. Last 5 raids been top 150-180 without gems. We planning a t10 run with few openings. We also have a sister guild for anyone lvl 40-90. If you are tired of being only one active message me and let's see if you make the cut.

    Lvl 80 required
    -1 epic maxed not tier 1
    - active and ready too be top 100 with monthly t25 runs

    Msg me line app trbailey

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    Contact me on line if you haven't found a home raelynn7800
    GM of The Forsaken Warrior

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    Hey fellow Knights & Dragons followers,

    If you play on Android and are looking to join a well established Max level 75 guild also apart of the NR and Gypsy alliance then look no further,
    Bring The Rain (BTR) are currently recruiting new members, we have only a few requirements...

    You Must Be Level 70+
    You Must Have Line App
    You Must Be Active at All Wars

    We DON'T expect you to purchase gems but saving them up for wars is requested,

    Guild Stats:

    Level 75 Max

    Air Bonus 10% Max
    Earth Bonus 10% Max
    Water Bonus 10% Max
    Spirit Bonus 10% Max
    Fire Bonus 10% Max

    Last 3 day war we reached 11th

    To be apart of this amazing guild visit or add the ID: siraiden on the Line app,

    My Friend Code: WBG-FPC-BDR

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    JoinThe Secret Service

    The Secret Service is recruiting active android players. Contact me on Line. ID AppWidow.

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    London, England, the UK -'Capital of the World' ;-)

    Cool Red Hill School - friendly Guild recruiting. (Android)

    Red Hill School - RHS
    After major act of sabotage, we're rebuilding our Roster.
    Level 80+ preferred - currently 60+ .
    Armour: Variety of 4*+ preferred, but flexible. Will help you get Epic Boss+ Armours!
    Actively participation in Wars & Raids appreciated. Only Boot after 3 missed events or more if roster not full.
    Bonuses: Air 10%, Water 10%, Earth 9% - 10% soon, Fire 9%, Spirit 9%.
    Gemming: up to you. We're CONSTANT Top #500 finishers - spending Gems doesn't really change this.
    Gold Donations: Up to you - max your Armours before giving large amounts .
    Time Zones: CET, GMT & PST preferred, but we're flexible. I never sleep set hours & on c
    Social side: We're a good Team of Great people, help each other Level up & share chat, jokes & laugher. Even for a Brit I have an odd sense of humour, & it appears infectious !
    Apply : Prefix your applications RHS or Forum & you'll get preferrence. Hope to see you in the Team ! ;-)
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    Super Baaaddd is recruiting on android. Looking for more daily active players. Level doesn't matter as long as you help to level the guild by completing the challenges that you can. Guild is level 32 with 6% element bonuses and 10 active players. Message me on line @ ibgeorge and I'll get to you asap

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