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Thread: Top 25 Guild Knights Of Singapore Recruiting Now!

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    Sorry for high jack....

    Sorry to high jack your post as for whatever reason im not able to start a new one due to permissions or something. Our guild as a few spots open currently. We are 44 of 46 strong. Normally top 150-200 but did finish top 300 this last war as many announced before hand would be out of town. Our guild members are located around the world. Mostly U.S (east, Midwest, and west coast including Hawaii), Japan, Philippines, Russia, Croatia, German, Romania, England, Sweden, and France. All of whom speak English. We communicate on a separate app for war plans and have sub for chit chat which is always fun and occasionally raunchy from the guys and girls so no kids here please). Currently saving for health upgrade 4 of 5. Our requirements are pretty simple. 50k min daily donations (these other guilds that express no mins are full of it) which is pretty simple as many donate much more, 5k during wars (unless your out of town which we fully understand, it's just a game), no camping during quests, and join groupme for communications. And no requirements for gem spending. Most of us do it but on their own will with absolutely no pressure. Please have at least 12k in attack per level. ex: lvl 100 = 1,200,000 attack. See ya soon.
    Guild ID 688-901-503

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    I'm active daily player 18 hrs daily more in wars.last war I get near 40 k cp ,my lvl 87 AT&T 1.32m def 1.21m
    I'd ahmad 799471370
    Plz let me know your opinion

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