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Thread: Misses.

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    Misses should be gone, they infer too much imbalance and kill the fun.

    When I lose or win due to misses it feel like a steal.

    That said, some randomization must remain in the battles.

    The Idea below would allow to treat another of my pet peeves: special attacks = critical hit

    So how I feel it would be more fun:

    I would introduce damage levels:

    very low: 70% of standard damage - probability of very low damage : 7%
    low : 85% of standard damage - probability 13%
    medium : standard damage - probability 60%
    high: 115% standard damage - probability 13%
    very high: 130% standard damage - probability 7%

    The same applies for special attacks (where the standard damage for special is 200% of the normal attack)

    With this we get rid of criticals and misses, we keep some randomization, we get better rewards for a well placed special attack and special attacks are always better than normal attacks ( very low special is 140% normal attack)

    Just one way to do it though there are probably many other ways to do it.

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    I've always liked the idea of adding new attacks. Something like a haste attack where you can attack twice in a row but have a 60-70% chance of missing or something like that.

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    Misses should be weighted, so if you gets lots of misses in a short span, the odds of misses drop down and if you get a streak without misses the odds of a miss go up.
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    Just had seven...SEVEN...misses in two battles. I lost one battle I should've won, and barely won the other.

    I think GREE saw all of us complaining about the frequency with which we miss, and turned it up a little bit. I feel like I've been missing a lot more than usual lately.

    This is getting ridiculous.

    There should be no more than two misses in a single match, and only about a third of matches should have any misses at all. It certainly feels as though missed attacks are used to screw us over sometimes...
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