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Thread: Misses.

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    sounds familiar

    Quote Originally Posted by Necromancers View Post
    They don't have to go away, but at least reduce them.
    I always lose my Double Downs because I miss 3 times in a row @ Arena.
    I have the same problem I often miss 2 or 3 times in one battle and that really screws things up and I hardly ever have the other side miss that much so it must be a one sided thing if Necromancer has the same problem meaning that only the attacking party has the change of bad luck. I would say it should be tied together with level because it is just silly to miss a lvl50 three times in a row while you are lvl103.

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    I think they need to keep misses. Without them, the game would just be maths. At least when random critical hits or misses are involved it produces some randomness to the nature of battles.

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    Yea I'm not sure how I feel about misses myself. I thought about this also.

    It's a luck mechanism, that you can't actually increase or decrease knowingly. That brings imbalance/possible unfairness problems when it comes to Arena, Guild wars etc. I know I've lost Vs some Guild Sents cause of a single or double in a row miss while the enemy missed 0 times.

    At the same time I would not want it removed cause that would make it even more of a certain, he has better stats than me so I'm done.
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    they need to add avoid/dodge to the armor attributes!!!

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    The problem is, there is nothing to the fighting in this game except stats and when you use your spec. so misses make it more interesting.

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    Missing is vital. With no skill required to play the game and the only strategy used on timing went to attack for guild wars. Missing gives an element of luck and does balance the playing field, if just a llittle.

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    I don't want misses gone, but I'd like to see my opponent miss a bit more. I miss way more than anyone I'm fighting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pwept View Post
    Missing is vital. With no skill required to play the game and the only strategy used on timing went to attack for guild wars. Missing gives an element of luck and does balance the playing field, if just a llittle.
    I completely agree.

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    When I missed, I feel like this guy...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oyster View Post
    When I missed, I feel like this guy...

    Poor guy lol.
    Still hilarious though

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    I hate missing, but, as stated before, it balances the game out. Otherwise it'd be too easy to win/lose if your armor was slightly better than someone else.

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    Use your imagination


    We need the miss chance ingame. No matter how many times i missed on EB to get 43th kill or in arena i wouldnt wish it gone. We need it. As others said: It brings balance to the game. A balance that doesnt require skills or high stats.

    A good idea would be a subcatagory in att and def like :

    Att: Hit xx% Chance
    Crit xx% Chance

    Def: Dodge xx% chance that slightly increase miss chance of opponents.

    Would make it more fun to put armor on knights. More strategic in arena ect. You could armor up your knights wether you want to have higher survivability or more dmg. Then you wouldnt just have to choose from element advantage and which has the highest stats. It would make a it abit more fun to choose which armor you prefer to use.

    After that being said i repeat: We need the miss chance

    Just an idea.
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    I think they should be decreased at least. Maybe removed from some places (Like epic boss)
    It's ridiculous when you loose against the week's epic boss because you mis 5+ times. But if it was random it would be one thing, but failing 3 times for missing 5+ times each fight is just not OK. Especially for players trying to get their first four star, or trying to get the +armor.

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    They are need, combat is already too simplistic and theres little factors that would change the outcome... Misses are importante, but they are quite broken IMHO, its not unusual to have several battles and dont miss at all, but when you miss, you miss 2 time in a row, even 3 times is not that outrageously rare... I dont know the formula..!

    but lets come up with crazy ideias, instead of only attack and defense add evasion to armors :P something like 3~10% chance to evade
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eunuchorn View Post
    There's probably a miss chance. There's probably a dodge chance. There's probably algorithms that fluctuate these chances based on any number of random criteria. Such is game programming. We should be demanding more aesthetics, ease of gameplay (do we seriously still have a speed up arrow & have to click xp pickup? These mundane acts drive away tons of potential players).
    Are we ever getting any real additional content? Gree needs to treat this like an MMO. Let's hope all this downsizing gets some new thinking in there. They know how to reach me.
    I agree. this game also needs a better communication tool to talk to other clans. fuk line. it would be fun to go to other peoples walls and communicate (this is what will attract people). maybe trash talk attack their knight etc.. they can also then implement a clan revenge system. by spending lets say 10 gems u can put the abusive player or someone u don't like on a revenge list where everyone on ur friends list can attack and harass them etc... this game has potential but gree is too stupid to take it further. btw when people attack u (lets say u r on the revenge list) u lose health so u cant farm or do anything etc... it causes people to spend gems as well

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