Hello everyone,

We at GREE would like to apologize for any confusion that has occurred due to the elite NPCs that were recently removed from the game. These NPCs were previously added specifically for a limited-time quest which has since ended. They were intended only for that event and served no other purpose. We did not remove them immediately as that is not how the app works. Data can only be added or removed with a deploy, and deploys can only go out so many times in a week. While we do apologize that some players may feel they wasted energy and/or gold on these NPCs, assuming they would be used in another event, we will be unable to issue credit for energy or gold spent on these NPCs. There was nothing to indicate in the game to indicate that they would be used in the future.

Again, we are very sorry for all the confusion the removal of these event NPCs has caused, and we will make an effort to be even more clear about our events in the future.