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    Nov 2013

    Looking for a active guild

    Im a lvl 46, with Northerner's - Blackfrost+ etc.
    Im very active, i check the game every hour, same when im at work.
    Looking for a guild that dont need to much donations, cause atm, i can't take so many money from TG, and what i take ill up my armors cause im low level.
    Looking for a friendly guild that can give typs too.

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    Guardian Cross Recruiting!!

    Guardian Cross Recruiting!
    level 44 guild and growing quickly.
    Placed on C ribbons in last 4 guild wars
    Looking for active players who are looking for a very active guild
    Almost all elemental bonuses going 8%
    Serious applicants level 70

    2 slots left.

    GuildMaster & Sentinel & Champion
    Name Skylander & Mr Almighty & Checkmate

    Level 312 , 237 & 231.

    If you want a good guild family where we have alot of fun join Guardian Cross. Do apply

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    Im currently lvl77 (and growing)
    Have 1 epic and few maxed out armors
    Add me (see signature for codes and id)
    Add me on Line
    UserID: karlervin41
    Knights and Dragons: XBG-PFN-BQM

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    Sauce guild is recruiting!

    Lvl 75 guild, Sauce. Rank #10

    Application form

    If you would like to join our guild, please fill in this application form, submitted it to line chat name on
    bottom of page and wait for a (co-)leader to respond.

    Line Name:
    Line id:

    In-game name:
    Level: :

    Amount/level Training fields:
    Amount/level Armorsmiths:
    Maxed armor sets:
    How frequently do you buy gems: (this is not a necessity to join, but we do encourage you to farm as many free gems as possible)

    Why are you a valuable asset to the guild:

    Once done, copy, paste and submit application to Line Chat id: izzye89 and wait patiently until you get a

    Thanks and have a great day!

    Ps. We will not check forums for applicants, you must submit to both line chat ids for recruitment into guild. Thanks for cooperation.

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    Looking for an active guild.

    I have tried two different guilds so far and they are full of inactives. Looking for a guild with friendly active players. I led my guild in points in the last frenzy war and have received the last four bosses armor. I have only been playing the game about 5-6 week but I am very active.

    Lvl 47
    Best Armor Witches Robes L36/70 (working hard to max it out)
    3 Armorers and 4 training fields.

    Not necessarily looking for a top guild but one where 10-12 players attend each battle would be nice.

    Name Tobias
    Friend code xbg-qgz-crf

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    Misfits guild recruiting!

    Hi my name is Satazriel or Taz for short and i run the guild called Misfits. We are a family of misfits as the name infers lol
    Guild Level: 30
    Guild Champion: Faust Level:106
    Guild Sentinel: Athorimar Level:155

    We have 9 slots available and are accepting anyone level 50+!

    Taz: 113

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    RK- Ritellian Knights

    Ritellian Knights is recruiting. We are looking for dedicated members that are willing to participate in the guild. As our members are older and some younger, we understand you may have school or work or a family to attend to, we just ask that you be active, and most importantly, active during the guild wars. We require a minimum of 100 gems per person per war. We also require that you put a minimum of 10k points per 3 day war, which is easily achievable. I hope you consider our wonderful guild!

    Guild: Ritellian Knights
    Rank: Top 50
    Requirements: Level 100, 100 gems per war minimum, 10k points per day in 3 day war, one epic (maxed or working on level) and full castle

    Guild level: 48
    Open spots: 6
    Element Bonuses: Earth, Water, Fire, and Air- 7%, Spirit- 8%

    Contact on Line Messener app:
    Tyler (Atomic RK)

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    Smile Dragonlance looking for new members!

    Hi everyone! Dragonlance is currently looking for new members! We are a very fun and active group of players who enjoy playing KnD. Our guild is currently level 55 with every element bonus at 8%. We placed #70 in the most recent blitz war and are looking to crack the top 100 in next war. Our guild is full of friendly players who are willing to help with advice, tips, and epic boss.

    Basically what were looking for in new members is activity and friendliness. We do request that you're level 90+ (we may make exceptions) and have Line. You don't need to worry about what armors you have or spending gems during wars. The only gems we spend are free

    If you are interested in joining, please pm me or add me on Line. User ID: Tschmidt22

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    LoveRedefined lvl 48 guild

    Looking for active players lvl 50+(must be active in guild war). We have 9 open slots after last guild war due to inactive players(for the past 2 GWs). We were still able to hit top 500 with that many inactives.
    Fire: +6%
    Air: +7%
    Spirit: +7%
    Earth: +6%
    Water: +7%

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    L2P looking for 2 new active members

    We are a level 60+ guild looking for 2 new members! Finished 30th in the last guild war and are striving to finish even higher in the next big war. Level 100+ only and must have 2 maxed epic armors. If you are interested please message dragneel6 in line chat!!!

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    Oct 2012
    Houston Texas

    Exclamation Fellowship of forgotten

    Level 11? Playing for fun?
    We're recruiting...

    Come join a friendly guild. We remember this is a game. All are welcome!
    Apply in game. You'll be accepted if...

    You are at least level 11
    You are ready to play
    You want to have fun

    2 HIGH COMMANDER positions open for qualified candidates
    Knights & Dragons # XBB MRM BGZ
    Forgotten Fellowship Guild

    MQ ID# 360-808-111
    Settlement Name: Trixi

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    Oct 2013
    Hello I'm looking for an active guild to help get stronger with I'm level 86 working hard on leveling to 100+ my top 3 armors are riverstone mantle +, admiral's battleworn regalia, behemoth's vanguard tomorrow I will also have asherah's armor. My code is XBF-GQY-WFV and I also have line messenger my user name is Gardoorf. Been in alot of wars been top player in past guilds but been the olny one fighting.

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    im looking for a gold guild with ppl my lvl

    hi im lvl 78 i hav maxed boilerplate maxed jackelopes chaingarb and lvl 43 behemoths vanguard and im soon going to spend 120 gems to get the last for kills and craft the + version. i dont want a really bad guild preferrably top 100 but if guild senital looks good enuf i will go lower thanks line id: adam christopher barr

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    Hi. My wife sent you a request. She's looking for an active guild if you still have room. FrantasticsWife.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nightfall View Post
    Looking for active players lvl 50+(must be active in guild war). We have 9 open slots after last guild war due to inactive players(for the past 2 GWs). We were still able to hit top 500 with that many inactives.
    Fire: +6%
    Air: +7%
    Spirit: +7%
    Earth: +6%
    Water: +7%

    Android Player
    Knight: Frantastic -LVL 100+
    Guild: The Immortals

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