Epic Boss lv 99 question


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Thread: Epic Boss lv 99 question

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    Epic Boss lv 99 question

    Hi all,

    Was wondering if someone knows the answer to this as I am trying to pace my next level (currently 99).

    When does the next next epic boss bracket* commence:

    1. Immediately after leveling for the upcoming epic boss in 'Rule the Deadwood'.
    1.1 Meaning it would be best to level once epic boss LTQ is active
    2. In the next 'unnamed War' epic boss LTQ.
    2.1 Meaning I can level whenever and still have an epic boss with lower health.

    *I know the bracket commences at lv100

    Thanks in advance for the responses,


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    Hmmm... this spreadsheet says you hit the next tier at level 101: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/...er=true&gid=93

    I'm not sure about that, so let's go with your supposition that the next tier starts at lvl 100...

    You're lvl 99 so you have the Tier 4 boss (76-99).

    If you hit lvl 100 _before_ epic boss, you automatically will get Tier 5 boss (100+).

    If you hit lvl 100 _after_ epic boss commences, you remain in Tier 4 boss :-)

    hope this helps!

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