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Thread: Skill Point Distrubution

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    Quote Originally Posted by 850392445 View Post
    I have another question about where I can get some advice on buying bonuses and so on for our sync.
    The best syndicate bonuses are, for the most part, the most expensive ones. I would suggest the cheapest out of syndicate member increase (assuming you aren't already at 60 members and are actively recruiting), building output, influence increase, and gun attack.

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    Skill points / Sync leadership help

    Thank you guys, I've only been playing this game for about 6 month and I hate to say this but you're answers you gave me didn't really tell me where I should be putting my skill points from here on out. I have been spending gold in the past two months, I figured out that buying and spending gold is the only way to get my stats up and win battles in the sync battles, etc. Could you at lease say don't spend them on attack/defense and spend them on stamina or energy? Any help because I'm getting advice to put my points into attack & defense! I think I got out of this is to start putting my skill points into Energy

    Hey greenwood,
    He didn't turn over a sync that was down the toilet and I know you didn't assume that, I just wanted to explain why it was turned over to me and he is still part of our Sync and very active. We did some recruiting after the last battle and place around 25 to 2600 in the battles, and now have 23 members now. He had some things going on and couldn't put the time needed into the sync. I joined the sync about 5 months ago with about 8K attack & defense and I'm over 104K in both. I'm very active and log on at least every hour and every 3 hours at night because of an illness I have, I wake up due to bone pain. He said I was the most dedicated player in our sync and keeping active in this game keeps my mind off my health problems is the reason he asked me to take control 5 days ago. We had 8 total sync bonuses now, and I have 5 bonuses myself. Most of them are up to 10% but almost all of the sync bonuses that were in place are for car, gun, melee, building, are all defense bonuses when he turned the leadership over to me. I realize last night that I need to buy most of the defense bonuses before GREE lets you buy the attack bonuses. Is there a Thread or posting in this Forum that I can log into to find more info about running a sync or could someone here give me some advice here through this posting. I don't think GREE will let me start a new Post/Thread because I'm a new member to this Forum or I'm not a senior member. Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you,

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    Could you at lease say don't spend them on attack/defense and spend them on stamina or energy?
    Quote Originally Posted by CCKallDAY View Post
    only energy and stamina
    Quote Originally Posted by KemoKidd View Post
    When the boss events first came out we figured that each Attack or Defense skill point added a whole 10 to the stats. Useless now more than ever! Ever since the ltqs came out I have been putting everything into my energy. I have 50 stamina which is fine for me. Sucks how much I put into attack and defense. I would tell you exactly how much if I could log into the game!
    Quote Originally Posted by noamlin View Post
    I have also invested some stat points at attack and defense when I was a noob but luckily I realized it quite soon (still, I have 30atk and 30def).
    Later I started investing only in energy and stamina. I reached a point where my stamina got to the maximum I needed - around 70 - I have never needed more than 70 stamina at once.
    By now I also have 1900 energy which is also enough - Because when I go to sleep I usually have 0 energy and when I wake up I have 1800

    Quote Originally Posted by sabatoa View Post
    Like some other noobs, I invested early in attack/Defense to make up for being a weak I thought.

    Attack: 44
    Defense: 30 (I wised up before I got to 45 like my plan)
    Energy: 2360
    Stamina: 49

    I'm just adding to energy and stamina now and have been for a while. I'll probably top out stamina around 75-100 and then dump the rest in energy? Maybe?
    Quote Originally Posted by bald zeemer View Post
    For most people the ideal is getting both energy and stamina to a point where neither fills up during the course of your sleeping hours, getting energy to that point before working on stamina (but having stamina up to 50). Key considerations beyond this minimum are:
    A) accounting for potential future mods. To date there have been a range of energy mode and no stamina mods, take that for what it's worth.
    B) personal preference in events. If you are keen on pvp over LTQ, or vice versa, then stocking up in that category allows for numerous refills, thus avoiding down time when you are on a roll.
    C) stamina is more expensive to refill on a time-saved pov, energy is more expensive to refill to fulfil normal requirements. So a very light gold spender is probably better off putting extra energy into stamina, a light to moderate spender into energy, and heavier spenders into preferred categories. A completely free player (who is 100% sure they'll never use any gold at all) should put it into atk and def once sleep-period regen, plus future mods, are covered.
    Quote Originally Posted by Beamer 420 View Post
    My level 120 is around 3100+ energy and 35 stamina. Only a few defense points (around 6) mostly because of accidental lag on my phone. I plan on going one for one energy/stamina from here on out.
    Quote Originally Posted by (CK) EL View Post
    the only argue i would have is for free players..
    put s.p into attack/defence is a total waste no matter if you spend gold or not.
    I am a the one who suggests again and again to Gree to turn a/d s.p into modifiers but if they finaly do it they ll give a reset for skill points for sure (unless you mean that s.p reset will cost gold so a free player won't get it)

    btw.. 1 s.p put it in atttack/defence gives you 10 a/d for levels 100-200
    for levels 201-250 it increases 0.09 per level until it reaches to 14a/d for level 250

    So how many times do you have to get told to put them into energy and stamina, exactly? I more or less quoted the entire thread, and the only posts I didn't quote were the same people explaining in greater detail why what they have said is true, and you asking your completely redundant question.

    Edit/ actually I can't keep this up with a straight face anymore. We're joking. Your stat points should be put into defence, and your syndicate should focus on maxing out job payout and hideout defence bonuses. Now that you have the keys to the kingdom I welcome you to the top 10, enjoy your new prizes.
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    So what your saying is put stats into energy and stamina.....

    I never would of thought that.....(insert sarcasm)

    Quote Originally Posted by TMI View Post
    Number 1 is Jim Henson!!

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