Suggestions for a better Crime City


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Thread: Suggestions for a better Crime City

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    Suggestions for a better Crime City

    Post your requests for a better Crime City here.

    Then a second thread of the top 4 or 5 suggestions will be made into a poll addressed to Gree. That way they can see where we'd like them to focus their energy.

    I'll start with Big Money's request

    Kindly address the auto scroll during battles issue for Android users

    Personally I think they should implement a time lock during battles. The first half of battle people can be added and dropped as necessary during syndicate battles.

    This may or may not work. but I think its worth a shot.

    Updated with suggestions submitted.

    Auto shake for building collection in one’s own hood (option in the settings menu: turn shake to collect on or off.)

    Balance out the event schedule to allow for more downtime between events.

    Limit declaring battle to officers only

    Time Lock Syndicates during wars a grace period before people can’t be booted

    A general update thread re: what Gree is working on rolling out in the foreseeable future.

    RP purchasable LTB’s

    Have a Max hit option on PvP’s

    Eliminate Auto scroll during battle for Android.

    Keep any issued schedule fixed regardless of server issues or code problems.

    A second Hood.

    Winning a syndicate battle bestows an ip bonus

    Buildings already robbed or collected shouldn't have the cash symbol

    Better/different daily scratchers.
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