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Thread: Active members needed

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    Active members needed

    Come to Kingdom of Magi. (505-544-377). Be a daily player, be able to communicate, contribute to guild resources (gold, stones), and participate in guild wars.

    No pressure, no gold minimum.

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    Bump bump bump

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    Join Kingdom Slayers 727 429 497

    We have a few open spots again (had to remove non active players) we are a great team of hourly and very active players, we share allot during groupme chats, we notify each others of when a war or raid boss has started and we kick ass!

    If your looking for good team players then Kingdom slayers is for you.

    If you do good you will be promoted to officer.

    Join Today!!

    We only accept players from level 30 and above

    Kingdom Slayers - 727-429-497

    Guild: Kingdom Slayers
    Guild code: 727 429 497
    Tag: KS1
    Members: 20/26
    Upgrade cost: -14%
    Building upgrade time: -14%
    Member increase: +6
    Activity: hourly and ver active players only
    Group chat/notifications: GroupMe App
    Walls: allot, and fully upgraded
    Guild gold: enough
    Description: To Be The Best

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    Join archer girl's knights 718068734

    AGK is an active and growing guild! We have consistently placed in the top 750 and are looking for active members to help us reach the top 500.

    Our bonuses include 23% upgrade time, 19% upgrade cost, 10% casualty decrease, and +14 guild size. If you're interested in helping us reach the top 500 our guild ID is 718068734

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