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Thread: Syndicate War Extended

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    Syndicate War Extended

    Heads up,

    After reviewing the various problems caused by guild matching earlier in the war, we've extended the event by 6 hours and will now end this Monday at 6:00 PM PST.

    EDIT for CJ Blue Post update much further down in the thread:

    Okay, this is some pretty extensive feedback, and we're listening, but I want to be clear about something: The only reason for the extension was because we received a TON of urgent requests to extend the event due to the issues that hit earlier in the event. There was precedent, we had extended a World Domination event in Modern War at player request, for a similar major issue. We have also done this numerous times for LTQs, lockbox events, leaderboard events, and other limited time content across all the games, again at player request.

    That may well have been the wrong call in this case, but the major concern then became that if we changed it AGAIN, that would be compounding things even further for people who then adjusted everything for the extra 6 hours. That is an equally big deal at this stage in the game.

    We're listening carefully to all the feedback on this, and it may be too late to pull back the timer for this event, but we have heard you on this in regards to moving forward.

    Will Update Further
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    Why would you do that? I work during those times.
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    That's not going to help anyone but Gree. Another 6 hours of gold use.
    It's not like anyone had an advantage over any other team. We all had the same issue.

    Most people will be working or sleeping

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    are you serious . people are just limping until this event ends, and you want to extend it . Gree you make me sick

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    You realize this would only be a plus if we needed wins for a SLTQ, which didn't happen.

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    Didnt make your quota this time?

    You realize, of course, that people pace their play with a particular ending time in mind. This is completely unfair.
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    Dippy, may be a little harsh in this thread, but he's right...
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    I'll be back when the moderation is reasonable. Enjoy the forum you created, Gree.

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    I was hoping it would end six hours earlier ........

    Quote Originally Posted by dribblin todger View Post
    +1 for what Bandit says...

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    Wow .....really?

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    Well this idea sucks.
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    Seriously gree!!! this has to be the worst call ever ! Gree messes up so their solution lets mess things up even more congrats on doing just that

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    Will the sale also be extended?
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    Please tell me it's a joke.

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    I'm glad everyone's calling this out for what it is, a literal gold grab. Total BS, Gree. You people suck.

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    GREETARDS!! Enough already! Change it back and stop "fixing" what doesn't matter and fix the right things ip cheaters for instance, rival list screw ups!

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    I am truly starting to think that Gree is run by a bunch of monkeys

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