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    Smile Request to join Majestic Alliance


    I'm currently level 122 and very active in the game. I have four maxed legendary armors and enough armors in my inventory for fusion (+200/70) to max an Epic. I also have over 14 million gold. The guild I am currently in is not active anymore, which is why I'm interested in finding a new one. I just want to contribute to a guild that puts effort into the guild war and is proactive. My friend code is WBB-PHB-WVW Please add me if you have a spot for me on your roster or reply back with steps on how I can contact you to join.

    Kind Regards,

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    Sep 2013
    Bump! Alliance still eager for new members, apply now while spots last!
    IGN: Isuma
    Guild: Majestic Legion
    Alliance: 3D
    Line ID: nmk329
    Majestic for life!

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    Guild Application


    Name: Neo
    Level :118
    Armor : Blazeborn 99/99
    Sky Guardian+ 70/70
    Armor of the Bear+ 70/70
    Guardians Battlegear+ 70/70 and many 4*+ more
    I'm an daily player and spend Gems ins Guild wars.
    For more question pm.

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    Looking for stronger players to battle pvp. If you think your up for it then add if not then don"t bother
    Level : 100+
    Guild : Immortal Kingz (Only The Strong Survives)
    Code : wbb - dmy - xxn
    Guild War :
    Battle of the Beasts (146,563 pts)
    War of the Damed (135,634 pts)
    War of the Wicked (234,859 pts)

    Maxed Armors:
    -Sky Majestic +
    -Beastmaster +
    -Northerner +
    -2x Blazeborne
    -Black Kaleidoscopic
    -Guardian's Battlegear


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    Guild application

    Hello. i have been looking at this guild for a long time and been keeping up to date with requirements and jazz.

    Here is my stats.
    Level 134
    3 level 3 armories
    10 level 3 Training fields
    level 3 Monsters Nest
    always get legendary boss Armour + version
    Aegis of Sly Majesty 99/99
    Beastmaster Battlegear 99/99
    Blazeborne Vanguard 99/99
    Tectonic Mantle 99/99

    currently maxing: another Tetonic Mantle, 14/99, another Blazeborne Vanguard 15/99, Keleidoscopic Starmetal Raiment 30/70.

    as you can see by my Armour i do spend and have all castle plots unlocked.
    i am an active player. i work shift work so im on my phone all day at work and don't sleep.

    if you are interested can someone please inform me of the next step in my application. i have Line installed and use.

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    Lvl 100+, 3 epics lvl 99 (no+) and able to spent 800 gems the next war can i join? WBD-CHX-CVZ

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    Very active player.
    Lv 100+
    On the way to max out:
    Clayplate Mantle: 64/70
    Malestorm Irons: 63/99
    Arborsteel Vanguard: 60/99
    It would be very nice to be accepted!

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    Cool Active member

    Hey Everyone, Hope all is well.. I am posting here to see if there are any guilds currently recruiting that are competitive and active? I am currently in a guild that I am not happy with the competitiveness and am always the top player in every guild war.. I put up between 35k and 50k per war in total and use mass amounts of gems.. I have fused 4 epics in the past month so I think I have the strategy of this game down pretty good.. I have 3 epics lvl 90 and my character is lvl100+... I was seeing if anyone would be able to help me find a good guild... obviously I doubt the top guilds will want me based on the fact that I still am not even were I want to be eventually I will want to cover all my bases on elements which I do now but also want all + epic versions.. in the amount of time I've played and from what I have accomplished this far I don't see that taking to long.. I have a really good line up and would like a good guild to match up to what I can do in GW and I don't want to always feel like I am the only person trying in the guild lol.. This is a long shot but thought I would give it a try. Let me know. Thanks - s1cK

    -Blazeborn lvl50 soon to be max
    -Maelstorm lvl90 soon to be max
    -Cloudrange lvl90 soon to be max
    -Sky Majestic lvl90 soon to be max

    Currently working on fusing beastmaster.. wont be long

    Friend code: WBG-CGZ-ZHV
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    bump bump bump

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