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    Did the Guild implementation ruin this game for you?

    I'm on Android, so I don't have an opinion on Guilds just yet, but from reading the IOS implementation... I'm beginning to think this is the end of Knights and Dragons.

    If we ignore the crashing and the buggy update of Guild Wars, the main issues that seem to pop up are:

    1) Guild Wars rewards are game breaking. To give an entire guild the top Epic+ armor as a reward seems a bit much. None of the arena and epic boss rewards are game breaking.

    2) Bonuses for guild leaders are also game breaking. Members are essentially paying to boost the leaders. Granted, if you're in the top guild, you get rewarded with a game breaking Epic+, so it's certainly worth it... but is it worth it for lower level guilds?

    3) The freemium model seems to work best when there's a way for non-spending players to compete. Is this disappearing with Guild Wars?

    Granted, I haven't followed all the guild war details, since I'm on Android, but reading about the upcoming changes just makes me cringe.

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    Needs to be rolled back until it's fixed and beta tested

    It has effectively stopped all game play and really just costing them money at this point

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    Must you always make threads to whine and complain? No one is forcing you to play the game, besides you're on Android, you shouldn't care about what's going on iOS anyway...

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