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Thread: My wins / losses and CP points won't register

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    My recent wins are not being registered again.

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    Hey Folks,

    We have our teams looking into it now. Please note like earlier the points etc will count and reflect correctly once fixed.


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    This is now the 3rd time in the past several hours for my guild where a battle doesn't register once completed (and, each time, no battle summary screen pops ups when enter game once fighting is complete). We should be starting our 12th battle right now. Instead we're having a battle #9 again.

    Any idea when this will all get fixed and those unrecorded previous battle wins get credited? This repeated playing of the same battle number is starting to make me feel like Bill Murray in "Groundhogs Day."

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    We have lost 2 wars because of this bug.
    Because some of our players score wasn't even added to the guild total.
    We are losing the two wars with less than 1500 pts and our total guild score for those 2 wars, was around 50K pts lower than it used to be for similar battle activity.
    The missing score from several big hitters is the only explanation for our low score in those two battles.

    Will the guild score be checked and the win/lose battle score corrected?
    Don't forget to correct the progress in the "Guild: Tides of War" and "Guild (H): Eye of the Storm" quest too

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    While it seems that they did eventually fix the totals by player many in my guild claiming they still lost points anyway. this was an unfortunate bug that i hope isnt just a 50 gems to everyone fix, yet in fairness how the heck does Gree sort out who got messed up in what fashion? yuck ive been in situations where there is no good answer so i understand the 50 gems to all crap that by the way il bet we dont even get cause i do think we eventually got individual credits correct. what got messed up was game play & strategy; and badly i might add

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