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Thread: Breakfast for Dinner 2 has one space, low level okay

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    A lot of accusations, a lot of trolling and spamming and no moderator in sight. People gets kicked from guilds everyday, there was a guy in my guild who never said a thing until he got the boot. There are always two versions on a story like this. But there are better ways to deal with it than spamming a recruiting thread and calling "snake" and disrespecting a lady. There's a place for every player in KA, there are a lot of guilds with different goals and different requirements. There are good leaders and bad leaders as there are good players and bad players. So if anyone joins BFD and they don't like their style, they can leave any time. I know ChuChu, I talk to her everyday eventhough Im in another guild and her "venom" has not poisoned me yet.
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    I'm sure I'm making this worse however friends are upset. Anyone would be lucky to be in a guild with J or Chu Chu. J was a great CEO who was super organised and regularly consulted with officers and the wider guild in respect to what was happening. It sucks that he felt he had to leave. Chu Chu was the most active player, officer donator in the guild. She made it happen when it didn't seem possible, she took ownership of the guild because she cared. And she was top scorer with both her characters in the war. Can we pls stop talking about what has happened, it's a game on apple devices, how lame are we. Honestly I want to beat myself up. Hopefully this is the end of this thread.

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    Hi i try to sent PM to you. It seems that your message folder is full so delete some message. I sent an email regarding your query.

    Quote Originally Posted by arunpathak3030 View Post
    Now the recruitment drive has turned to accusations and defending drive!!! People nobody has time to read all these things... I would suggest move on... Its after all a game... Even you two don't know each other personally!! Sam Spade you have made your point and thereby has created a doubt in many minds!!

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