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Thread: Active player looking for active faction

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    Thumbs up Active player looking for active faction

    I'm pulling out 3 of my main chars out of my faction and looking for a new home.

    Reasons are:

    - although I tried hard to get my faction to a good position it was a fail
    - people are not putting enough efforts in the old faction
    - I am stuck at a point where I lose potential and fun motivating all but with no effect

    My requirements are the following:

    - All three of my chars have to be included in one faction, thus I want no splitting
    - A decent and active faction who has goals and a good community
    - No pressure for gold usage. I normally don't spend Gold but would consider it if needed for a top ranking.
    - Minimum TOP 150 faction

    All of my chars have similar stats:

    - Level: around lvl 80
    - Attack: between 150 - 180k (raw)
    - Defense: between 180 - 200k (raw)
    - Health regen: 39 - 45%
    - IPH: around 700k and rising

    - during events I will be very active and can score 40 - 50k Points per char without Gold
    - If needed I can also have several more chars with lower lvl and stats (e.g. for wall hitting, PADL etc.)
    - I could probably bring in 2 or 3 of my best team mates if needed.

    If you like to have me in please send me a PM with your faction's details.

    Thanks and regards,

    P.S.: this is not an offer for a merger as my old faction will remain as a camper faction
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    your mail box is full. must be getting a lot of calls

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    i will clear it....

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    I sent you a PM

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    I'm still interested in more offers. Please PM me. Thanks.

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    I'm still interested in more offers. Please PM me. Thanks.

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    Sent you a PM. SGWarTeam is very interested and meet your requirements!

    request ID#: 729-930-128

    903 in Ireland
    569 in Columbia
    469 in Madagascar
    629 in Poland - No Gold used!
    483 in Australia
    352 in Canada
    223 in India + 29 wins
    258 in France +36 wins
    200 in Mexico 37-0[
    264 in Italy +36 wins
    207 in Netherlands 34 wins

    Killdore "The Mutant"
    New Recruits PM me for joining procedures!

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    Active faction seeks active players…..we have 2 spaces available….36/38

    RMC,finished 563 in Battle for Canada are looking for a new DL for the battle for India and a few more active players....we are a fun active group & we are recruiting ACTIVE non-gold and gold members to help us from 1012 in poland to 876 in Australia to 563 in Canada to top 250 in India….communications and fun are also important to us...If you're interested let me know... the leader's code is 755-236-837 & faction code is 433-083-386.


    RMC SsW

    These are our bonuses:

    🔋Health Regen: (-23%)
    ⚡Ground Attack: (+5%)
    🔰Infantry Attack: (+10)%
    🔰Infantry Defense: MAX (+30%)
    ⚡Ground Defense: (+25%)
    ✈Air Defence: (+20%)
    ⚓Sea Defence: (+15%)
    🏢Building Defence: MAX (+30%)
    💰Building Output: (+5%)
    👥Guild Member Increase (+22)

    Whilst donations are not a must they are expected as often as possible however palringo chat app and kik messenger app are MUSTS!

    We also have a baby faction, called RoyalMarineCadets, you will be able to move up and down the ranks. rmc are a top 4000 faction and are also looking to improve. If you are on vacation, have a problem, etc, you can quickly be swapped to baby faction and vice versa,and you can get promoted from cadets if you do well and vice versa.The faction's code is 513 438 936.

    All cadets are on duty for a call to arms for RMC if necessary.


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    Your inbox was full.....
    Hey mate

    I think you should join us. As it stands we have enough room for all your accounts.
    Top 300 looking for top 250 - Which will be done and then pushing on higher.
    No pressure to use gold.
    All we ask is that you score a min of 15k WD points. - Easy for a free amd active player to do.
    No donation rules - What you can when you can.
    We talk using the forum or Whatsapp although be prepared for tons of laughter if you use the app lol... Some members are crazy lol.
    We have players from all over the world fighting day and night.

    Health Regain Time -23%
    Infantry Attack +10%
    Infantry Defence +30%
    Ground Defence +20%
    Air Defence +15%
    Sea Defence +10%
    Building Defence +25%
    Building Output +10%
    Guild Member Increase +24 - Soon To Be More.
    ***Tired Of Walking***

    Health Regen -30%
    Building Output +10%
    Building Defence +25%
    Infantry Defence +35%
    Infantry Attack +15%
    Ground Defence +30%
    Ground Attack +10%
    Air Defence +20%
    Air Attack +5%
    Sea Defence +15%
    Sea Attack +5%
    Guild Increase +28

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    Mailbox is full.

    We will be competing for top 250 in India.

    More details when you clear space...

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