Finishing 1 LTQ completely -vs- 3 LTQ's half way.


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Thread: Finishing 1 LTQ completely -vs- 3 LTQ's half way.

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    Finishing 1 LTQ completely -vs- 3 LTQ's half way.

    Just wandering what people's thoughts were on the LTQ's and gold spending?

    Which is better to spend a vault on:

    1, Finishing 1 LTQ completely?
    2, Spreading out your gold usage around and trying to finish the normal mode in several LTQ's but not worrying about the elite levels as they require much more energy/gold to do.

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    I just finish all 3 :-) so i dont have to worry about these things lol

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    most people can complete the normal mode without gold. Best putting that vault of gold towards a case event that has an energy modifier. theres bound to be one soon

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