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    Quote Originally Posted by Singa View Post
    Hello, join our guild "House Of Batiatus" We are lvl 23 guild with 22/23 members who are all active players, I will be happy to take you in
    He's not an android player
    Level 100+
    Guild: Unicorn Stampede - PM me if you're interested in joining. (90+ only, unless you think you're special)

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    Join Guild: Fesler Family

    If you are a looking for a strong, fair and very active guild, look no further.
    Fesler Family
    is the guild for you!
    Level 17+, with boost at 4% and up
    PM me if you wish to get more details.

    NutCracker L76+, Daily Player with high level armours

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    Kaiju Killers

    Guild Level 18
    19 Group members
    Looking for daily players
    Level 50 preferred
    If interested locate us in groups under Kaiju Killers

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    Guild Name: House Of Batiatus
    Level: 24
    Members: 23/24

    - Just be active (both game and guild chat)
    - Lvl 50+
    - Speak English

    All elements are 5%
    Android - Level 100


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    Guild Name: Wild Inferno

    - Lvl 70+
    - Able to HAVE FUN
    Wild Inferno -- Lv42
    PM me for membership inquiries. Accepting applications from level 70+ players
    Guild Master
    Lv 120+ android player
    Maxed: All Big Four, Shaman+, Infernal+, others

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    Exiled recruiting active players. Currently have 4% bonus on spirit and 2% bonus on everything else. Looking for team players that want to dominate or at least try to not place last.

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    Guild Name : I help you help me
    Lv 19
    4% on all element
    17/21 members

    looking for lv60 and above character to join!!

    Friend Code: WBB-CDN-ZYB
    Knight's name: Balthasar
    Knight's level: 87
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    Guild name Fire and Flames. Guild level 13 any level can join

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    Guild name: Wolf pack

    The Wolf Pack has a few openings left for good daily players. We are already at level 10 with +2% Fire and Spirit bonus.

    If you can find us, then maybe you can join the "WOLF PACK"

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    Pew Pew Teddy Bears

    Looking for more members!

    Daily players, contribute as you can (no requirements), level 50+.

    Our guild chat is quiet, but any questions are quickly and knowledgeably answered. All members are active and progressing well.

    PM or add me: WBB-FCP-GDB for a guild invite.

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    Guild "Malevolent" Looking for players

    Malevolent lvl 9 Leveling fast
    There are lots of slots open for active players
    I'm level 105 and finish in the top 250 in arena's and get to level 43+ in the epic boss
    accepting players of all levels the higher the better I would like to finish well in the first guild wars once the android event starts.

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    The Black Hand - K&D Guild

    The Black Hand is an active level 13 guild with 14 members. We are still growing, but active players of all levels are welcome! Our armour bonuses are currently,

    Fire & Spirit 4%
    Air, Earth & Water 2 %

    Feel free to add me, or message me here if you have any questions!

    Knights name - Daegon
    Guilds name - The Black Hand
    Friend Code - WBB DVY PQN

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    Extreme Guild

    Extreme Guild Level 22 Guild with 21/23 Members. Very active war guild
    If your interested in joining please apply at our guild page:
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    Looking for new members for our guild the REGULARS. We are level 20 and still growing. Higher level the better! To find our guild just search up Regulars! All bonuses are level 2, and we are constantly leveling guardians. Join now!
    Currently have 21/22 members, but we are always leveling so spots open up! Active members please
    Friend Code:WBB MVQ BBH

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    Looking for a high guild.

    Hi i am an active player that play on the android version. i have played on the Iphone for a while and got lvl 101 but got me the samsung S4 yesterday and i am looking for a guild that is high. Becouse i am an active player that donate for 400 gems a month and need a guild that has active players becouse my last guild in the Iphone version guild wars wasent playing at all only me and 1 more player and want to join a guild that is good. can you invite me.

    MyCode WBC-QVD-FHC.
    Name Azem.

    Cant wait for the next Guild wars

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