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    Cool Please Join my guild called "D Block"

    I'm looking for strong active players to become members of my fast rising guild for Android. We are currently at level 20 with 4 slots available for new members. All leadership roles are filled but no spot is guaranteed. All spots are reviewed weekly and determined by your activeness and contributions. Along with your skill level. I look forward to being partners with you.

    Device: Android
    Guild Name: D Block
    Friend code: WBB FWW NWF

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    Jul 2013

    Epic Knight

    Looking for a few active level 60+ android players for Epic Knight. We are currently level 22 and growing quickly.

    Interested? Apply ingame to Epic Knight!
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    NOTICE: The Legends is now free to play! Old friends look us up!

    IGN: Legends Brutal - Level 156 - Started July 2013
    Guild: The Legends - Level 75 - Android - 11 wars, 9 top-tens!
    Maxed Epic: Blaze, Chromatic, Devoted, Kerstman, Mael, Majesty, Necro
    Maxed Legendary: Bear+, Dragon Aegis+, Feather+, Glacius+, Soul Rmt+
    Maxed Other: Dark Prince+, Infernal+, Shaman+

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    Aug 2013

    drinkers rage

    Guild lvl21
    21/22 members atm
    Spirit and wind 5% the others at 4%
    We are looking for one more active member right now
    Lvl40 minimum right now

    Look for "drinkers rage"

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    Aug 2013
    Bluish Skulls, still recruiting
    Lvl 22 21/23
    5% Wind Spirit Water
    4% Fire Earth
    KnD Android: WBC-BGG-ZFC

    Soulshard Neceomantle, Clayplate, Big 4, Flamehunter Garb, Combustion, Guarduans Battlegear, Sorchestone Aegis, Storm Sorcer +

    Working on

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    help wanted

    Join heineken we need someone at a high level and with lots of money to donate we also need someone to help with all of out quests thank you.

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    Join my guild just created it must be lvl 40+
    Guild name=we make history
    Guild lvl requirement=40+
    Check out my YouTube channel KidRoyalty23 1000+ views

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    Banana [Android]

    Guild Level: 19
    17/21 Members
    +4% on every element for bonuses
    Looking for active level 60+ members

    PM me your information if you're interested

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    Android platform.

    Hello there!*We are:
    DragonSlayers,lvl 19 guild, 10 boosts lvl*
    Looking for: 50+ LEVEL players active, with knowlage and understanding of the game.*
    We are currently 16/21 so the spots are tight
    Write down your code &*JOIN US TODAY!

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    N1ght Ra1d3rz

    N1ght Ra1d3rz
    -lvl 20 guild

    -19/22 members

    -10 bonuses purchased

    -11 guardians purchased (lvl 5s to 7s mainly)

    -lvl 50 join requirement

    N1ght Ra1d3rz

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    LVL 21 GUILD
    Air 2%
    All Others 4%

    We're a fast growing guild that placed in the top 100 in last Guild War.
    Looking for active members with lvl 60 or higher.
    Find us in the guild search and send a request for membership.

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    Iron Throne - Seeking 2 Officers

    Recruiting active players!

    search IRON THRONE

    Current stats (as of 8/28/13)
    Level: 21 (90+ = 4, 70-90 = 5 , 50-70 = 10)
    Members: 19/22
    Bank: 5+ mil
    Bonuses: Spirit/Air = 5%, Earth/Fire/Water = 4%
    Guardians: 8 purchased
    Officer Positions: 2 available as of 8/28/13

    We give out tips in guild chat. We are organized about quest progress. We are active donors but don't force weekly donations.

    If you are in a guild today and you feel lost or helpless, consider joining us!

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    Yuno is recruiting

    *Wrong posting*
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    Aug 2013
    Hybrid is Recruiting!

    Looking for 40+ Level Members!

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    Level 22 guild with 3 open slots looking for lvl 50+ members!


    Level 79 player in lvl 22 Guild with PLENTY of elemental upgrades! If you are LVL 50+ please ADD ME and LEAVE YOUR GUILD for an immediate invite! Plenty of daily players that contribute millions in gold! WBB-PDV-NMY!

    Important, you must remember to leave your guild or else the guild invite will not work :] Thank you

    Plenty of helpful members who give tips and have a daily chat.

    Bank spent on upgrades from contributions: 30m+

    Current bank: 8m+
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    Join my guild Reto, we are excepting anyone for the moment.

    We have 8 member and we contribute like 100k each week at the least

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