Looking for top 25 or top 50 team


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Thread: Looking for top 25 or top 50 team

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    Looking for top 25 or top 50 team


    ATT/DEF Stats - at least 500k/500k
    IPH - 2 mil
    Influence Points - usually 100k (last war spent 1 vault attacking and 1 vault scouting/taking walls down)
    Brawler Points - 1 mil+ easy
    Gold/Free - Gold
    Syndicate you're seeking (ie Top 500) - Top 25 or Top 50
    Reason you left the previous faction (ie Want to move up) - Too many people not even getting 40k in the war. I'm not paying for freeloaders to get equipment.
    CC 143 695 406
    Best Item: Street Vengeance 16000/14000
    Income/hr $3,924,946
    Syndicate: Sunnyvale
    700k/700k Stats

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    psycho killers recruiting..!! (psk)

    Psycho killer's recruiting

    Newly Formed syndicate aiming for top(150-250) for the Battle ahead.

    No cash donations needed as we have already maxed out our bonuses. Just require BRICK donations.

    Requirements we ask
    -Min of 40k ip overall
    - lvl 50 +
    -stats over 110k(raw stats or without syndicate bonuses)
    - Activeness in most battles
    -socialize on GROUPME with the team for war details and Strategy.

    Things we can offer you:
    -All syndicate bonuses
    -A syndicate family of active and fun players
    -Maximum support by officers and leader
    Invite code:-625629410

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