Hi all,

We are looking for 2 or 3 active and social players to join our guild. We have finished 33 in Dagon's Delta and also won the Daleth.

Why join us:
1. Your current guild is stressful and puts undue pressure on you and/or demands gem spending.
2. Your current guild has too much drama or politics, and not enough fun.
3. You donít have the Daleth and not sure if your guild will win 45 times in the next battle either
4. You don't have a guild!

We have 46 guild slots consisting of a mix of both free and gem players and only require players to be active in all guild quests, and during wars and that you keep strengthening your character. We also ask for min 75k gold per day.
We currently have the following bonuses
Casualty 10%
Health Regen 10%
Upgrade cost 23%
Building Upgrade 23%
Guild member increase 26

Please PM me if interested with your stats, level, CP points scored in last war and reason why you are leaving your current guild.

If you are part of a small group looking to move to a new guild together, we ARE willing to look at your entire group