Aussie Paladins - ITALIA and INTíL guild looking for new members

You were the most active player of your guild, and your guild didnít enter in a decent top??
Your efforts didnít get a valuable reward??

We have some Spots left just for very Active Team Players!!
We are looking for new players; We are a good and international group with some heavy hitters. Our players are really really active. We are well organized and looking for people who can help us in our purpose. Limited spots.
Our true power is the union of intent and purpose: we always completed all the guild quests
Guild Name: Aussie Paladins

ē team player
ē minimum 20,000 conquer points (CP) in last war
ē familiar with basic battle strategies
ē participates in group forum/chat and events
ē communication (most important thing)

We have 31 bonuses purchased.

Our Bonuses:
Casuality rate: -18%
Healt Regen Time: -14%
Upgrade Cost: -23% (MAX)
Building Upgrade Time: -23% (MAX)
Guild Member Increase: +28

Invite code: 351 915 178

PM me if you have any questions or join now (please send me your level, stats and the conquer points you scored in the last war).

Italiani, cosa aspettate ad unirvi a noi? In gilda siamo circa una quindicina di italiani, il gruppo Ť stupendo, molto coeso, unito e ci si diverte alla grande! Si parla e si scherza su tutto! Siamo gente seria, educata e molto simpatica Mandami un messaggio privato, siamo felicissimi di farti unire a noi !!