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    Jul 2013
    Being tricked by the name of the Fusion Boost armors and trying to fuse one hoping to get a decent armor.

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    May 2013
    • Not setting up expansions and training fields earlier
    • Wasting money and EPs crafting and enhancing weak armors
    • Wasting gems on DPCs, although they're decent for EPs if you don't mind spending the money

    ETA: Getting rid of Twin Jian at level 20 because it wasn't a +. I wish I had at least taken it to level 35 so I could have gotten the materials for the + when they had the summoning sale.
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    Spending gems in the Arena I found out quickly how valuable gems were, but wasting 4 gems on useless craps just bugged me to this day.
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    Luckily I found these forums pretty early on. I was able to get money flowing and the big four+ maxed out relatively quickly.

    One of my biggest mistakes was trying to get top 250 in the arena before I really should have. I ended up at position 265 and I spent lots and lots of time (but no gems) attempting to get those extra 5 gems. Definitely not worth the effort, and now I see I was going up again players 15-40 levels above me!! LOL.

    Another little mistake is getting impatient during fights and missing a special attack when it was needed. Especially in the arena where it sometimes cost me the match. If you're in a tough battle take it slow! No need to rush things and regretting it later.
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    discovered the forums early on so I have made very few mistakes that I regret

    once or twice recently (it's been a busy week) I got distracted and left my phone alone for more than 1.5 hours after 5 knights hadn't yet killed a boss, waste of my 2 strongest friends that day

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    wasting gem on arena at beginning to preserve doubledown

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    Wasting my first 60 gems on opening chests. Got 3 2 star, useless items.

    Glad I found this website at level 20. Didn't have much time to do anything to stupid.

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    Same, opened about 2 DCP and got junk.
    Also let the 4 year old do battles for me. Then the 2 year old walks up and spends gems to heal life...

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    I understand that getting the plus version of an epic boss is done by beating it 43 times, meaning I have to kill it 28 more times after getting the non plus? whats so special about level 43, I see that getting money and five keys is the reward.. does gree expect everyone to know this or am I missing something?

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    It's just how they did it. You get materials a long the way. I don't understand why they didn't list the materials as prizes post-15 either.

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    Gem wasting… definitely gem wasting… Hit a lucky streak with videos early on, had over 300 gems at one point. Thought that was normal, and so spent gems frivolously on Epic Energy and Dark Prince Chests. Now I'm lucky if I get one video offer a day…

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    gem wasting on my first 2 day on playing this game T.T

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoloStar View Post
    It's just how they did it. You get materials a long the way. I don't understand why they didn't list the materials as prizes post-15 either.
    Simple. Those aren't victory rewards, but boss drops.
    None of the boss drops are listed on the victory rewards.
    Only 34 of the 50 epic boss materials you'll have by level 15 are listed on the victory rewards.
    (side result: if you glitch your way past all of level 1-60, you don't even have enough materials to craft a non-plus armor, since glitching only gives victory rewards, not boss drops...)
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    Paid money for gems to open up stupid chests full of garbage
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    Err....Leaving my current guild for Guild Wars, while still deciding which guild to join. Now I'm Guildless & I've lost all elemental bonus, hahaha! I forgot about it so I'm screwed until I move to a new guild. Oh well.....

    *Currently, a Guildless/Homeless King* Lol!

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