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    new player looking for guild

    Hello everyone very new player looking for a guild to join. I'm active lvl 15 currently just hitting quests and leveling armors!

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    Please join WaterMonsters guild

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    Join Forum United Nations. We have one spot left and many active people waiting for war. We are lvl 26 and rapidly growing. We have 26% of the bonuses purchased, 40/70 guardians with plenty of more money sitting in our bank waiting to be spent. If we are filled up or you can't find us pm me and I will help
    Kingdom Age lvl 124 440k atk
    Officer of People's Front of Judea

    Knights & Dragons lvl 81
    High Commander of Forum United Nation

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    also looking for top end guild

    Also looking for a guild

    Visfor (lvl139) XBB-ZYR-BCX

    Maxed gear: Regalia +, Infernal +, (2x)Jian's +, Swamp Shaman +, 2(x)Tortoise +, Roc +, Sky Guardian, Spectral +, Starsong +, Stormrage +, Dark Prince +, Boreas+, Beast+

    Castle Setup on iPhone:
    a) Everything level three
    b) Four Armorsmith's
    c) One Dungeon
    d) Eleven Training Fields

    Castle Setup on iPad:
    a) Everything level three
    b) Two Dungeons
    c) Fifteen Training Fields

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    lvl >100 guys: if you want, we have 1 free spot. name is SEC and guild lvl is near 42. PM me!
    Guild: Centurions

    Renly, LVL 153
    i want daily player above level 90 on my friend list! add me!

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    St Louis, MO

    Need 3 over 50

    Im lvl 99 with Aegis if the dragon armor. I need 3 people over lvl 50 to join my guild. XBC-CVY-PWW. If u dont join and stay i will unfriend u.
    Proud member of The Rainbow Room
    Level 100+ Does it really matter past that?

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    Kings of Lords

    Kings of Lords is now recruiting.

    Guild lvl: 23
    Bonuses: 4%

    Level: 40+
    Participation: join all raids and wars
    Contributions: at least once weekly min 10,000
    Gems: no requirement ( your choice)

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    join The Miestros

    We are a very active guild. We chat a lot and we place top 1000 in all guild wars. We're also active very small guild so lots of room to improve standings and move up. Also I have line app you can add me if you want or just talk on Guild chat. Thanks buddy and hope u check us out.

    The Miestros

    Guild leader: Bigits
    Line app I'D : bigits


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    Dust to Dust Guild

    Feel free to apply. Old group with long time players. Line app I'd t25magick

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    FrostForge Guild

    Join FrostForge gems arent required to spend would be nice if u joined

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    Dec 2014
    I have got 9 slots open

    Guild: Distino BR
    Req: Lv 40+
    Guild Lv 24

    Looking for active players.


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    Dec 2014

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    Oct 2014

    Bring The Rain (BTR) Guild!

    Hey fellow Knights & Dragons followers,

    If you play on Android and are looking to join a well established Max level 75 guild also apart of the NR and Gypsy alliance then look no further,
    Bring The Rain (BTR) are currently recruiting new members, we have only a few requirements...

    You Must Be Level 70+
    You Must Have Line App
    You Must Be Active at All Wars

    We DON'T expect you to purchase gems but saving them up for wars is requested,

    Guild Stats:

    Level 75 Max

    Air Bonus 10% Max
    Earth Bonus 10% Max
    Water Bonus 10% Max
    Spirit Bonus 10% Max
    Fire Bonus 10% Max

    Last 3 day war we reached 11th

    To be apart of this amazing guild visit or add the ID: siraiden on the Line app,

    My Friend Code: WBG-FPC-BDR

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    BNF guild recruiting

    Guild Level 28

    Fire at 5 percent

    Earth at 5 percent

    Air at 5 percent

    Water at 6 percent

    Spirit at 6 percent

    Only requirement is being active and participation in guild war.

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    Pacific NW

    Lords of Nurgle recruiting.

    Lords of Nurgle
    Level 55 guild
    7% bonus to all elements.
    F2P ~ 1500 best raid finish.
    Looking for new active members.
    Must be willing to use LINE chat program.
    Advancement based on participation.
    Contact Ladyshan on LINE for invite/information.
    Officer of Lords of Nurgle (Android)
    Line ID LadyShan

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