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Thread: FREE AGENTS Post Here (Syndicates: Please don't post in this thread)

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    Lvl 161
    Att&Def will be 2mil after boss event
    Iph $2.75 mil
    IP at least 25k gold free every battle

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    Steady Scribe
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    Jun 2013
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    2 Accounts

    Leeroy Lvl 149
    Roughly 2.2m Att/Def
    0 IPH
    3000 Stamina Bar
    Very Active
    Also has the last person on the SLTQ almost prepped 75/100

    Cannonball Cara lvl 55
    1.5m Att/Def
    122k IPH
    Not so great with LTQ's most skill points are in Att/Def

    Both accounts should easily be able to make 20k in points each.

    I'm looking for a top 400 or better that puts team events first

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    Aug 2013
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    Crime City
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    bump from page 3
    Quote Originally Posted by Molly's Voice View Post
    Gay syndicate you say? Been there, done that. 2013 called, it wants the Molly Maguires back.

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    Ceedy Grunts
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    2nd account

    Looking to join a top syndicate early to grow this account stronger, faster!

    Lvl 33
    Mafia 31
    Attack 480k
    Defence 475k
    Iph 3k
    Energy 960
    Stamina 10
    Light gold use
    Daily/Hourly player
    UK timezone

    Being low level I can't donate lots of $ but will make up for that during syndicate events!

    Please pm me with offers cheers

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    Aug 2011
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    looking for top 250 syn

    2 accts - lvl 151 & 164 both at 3m attack, iph 800k & 1.4m, some gold useage.

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    Steady Scribe
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    Nov 2013
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    bump to top

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    Steady Scribe
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    Feb 2013
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    bump for the homeless

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    Lurker Big Gunz's Avatar
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    Oct 2013
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    Active daily player. Please add me 721 019 238.

    Update: found a syndicate.
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    Dec 2012
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    Location - CST
    ATT/DEF Stats (state if boosted or not) - 215/215
    IPH - 1k
    Influence Points - 5k
    Gold/Free - Free
    Syndicate you're seeking (ie Top 500) - Top 1500
    Reason you left the previous faction (ie Want to move up) - Just joined CC

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    Prominent Poet
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    Sep 2013
    (noun) lo•ca•tion [loh-key-shuh n] a place of settlement, activity or residence.
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    please edit your post when you have found a syndicate
    Proud Leader of CCKkillers
    Join room [cck recruiting] on palringo, and we can talk.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rorschach139 View Post
    @ CCKalDAY: Thank you!
    Quote Originally Posted by therealbengie View Post
    thanks CCKallday
    Quote Originally Posted by Dirty Larry View Post
    I wish I could punch this thread in the face

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    Nov 2013
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    New syndicate wanted

    Looking for new home. Currently in one that has fallen apart. Want new home to make in top 500 or better

    Lvl 152
    Att/def 2 plus mill w bonuses
    Active and daily player
    No gold
    $1.25 mill iph
    Willing to donate to make syndicate better

    Pm me with any questions or your syndicate info

    Found a new home. Thanks for all the invites
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    Jun 2013
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    Looking for a strong streak team with same stats. I've got a mini lv42 1,35M def. boosted.

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    Jan 2013
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    Top 500 would love to have you.

    We are a highly active, top 500 group. Please let know if you are still searching.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kaenath Pryde View Post
    Location - NJ (USA)
    ATT/DEF Stats - 20/20k
    IPH - $5000
    Influence Points - ?
    Gold/Free - 0 gold
    Syndicate I'm seeking -Top 500 willing to teach me
    Reason you left the previous faction - Had no faction - made my own, had 1 player in it.

    I currently have an account level 44 20 att/def each, with a hr income of 5000, 1.5m in the bank. was recently looking to join a syndicate and was educated on how for **** my stats were, and that I should look to recreate my account. was told to look for a top-500 to anchor into and really learn the ropes.

    So here is my proposition: I have one ****ty level 44 account, and a second account that I am just starting to replace the first. I'd like to find a very involved group to learn the game with, and grow with. I am a very active player, checking in 10-20 times a day. I have a lot of experience with other games, from recruit to leader level (such as eve online, Battletech, diablo running clans with as many as 100+ peeps in them). I am looking to be a long-term player for any group that will accept me, as long as they stay strong, active, and most importantly, fun to be with.

    If dedication, activity and participation is what you are looking for, then please consider me. I will not know everything at the start: I will help though in every way i can, and be there for the team when it counts.

    Thanks for you time and consideration.

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    Feb 2013
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    Top 100 or better

    I have put up as much as 275k ip in battles, but this one I will do around 100k because of finances, Christmas, taxes coming up. I have battled with Doosies, SAS3 and Southern Rebels. I am unhappy in my current synd and will leave before battle. below is my current stats and you can see in upper left hand corner I have about 1000 gold to spend this battle.

    Quote Originally Posted by dribblin todger View Post
    +1 for what Bandit says...

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    Jul 2013
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    Found home thanks for all the pm's.
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