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Thread: FREE AGENTS Post Here (Syndicates: Please don't post in this thread)

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    bump for the free agents

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    (noun) lo•ca•tion [loh-key-shuh n] a place of settlement, activity or residence.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SKMS View Post
    bump for the free agents
    you can't bump according to the forum rules -_-
    Proud Leader of CCKkillers
    Join room [cck recruiting] on palringo, and we can talk.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rorschach139 View Post
    @ CCKalDAY: Thank you!
    Quote Originally Posted by therealbengie View Post
    thanks CCKallday
    Quote Originally Posted by Dirty Larry View Post
    I wish I could punch this thread in the face

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    Also, I have a syndicate now. thanks for the offers.

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    Lvl 154 att/def 9.34m/9.21m IPH 1m IP last war 20k+
    Lvl 211 att/def 6.65m/7.00m IPH 1.2m basically hitting only hideouts last war
    Both stats boosted(maybe 50% syn bonuses)
    UTC +2

    Looking for syndicate with active members. Playing mostly with ipad so not very interested of downloading any chat apps.

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    sent pm

    Quote Originally Posted by pappboy06 View Post
    Im level 136 with 4 million raw stats and an iph of 2 million raw. I havent played since the beginning of december. I no my stats suck but if i can get in a small syndicate then thats fine. With full bonuses my stats are well over 6 million. Pm me on here, i'd appreciate it, i am on here all the time and on the game as well. Im willing to download line, palringo and others that i've used
    Sent u a pm

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    FOUND A HOME... thnx for the pm's!!!

    Lvl 132
    Attack 36.5M
    Defense 30.1M
    Stats are syn boosted
    influence points 45k-60k avg
    Timezone: EST
    Light gold use
    Looking for top 50-75 syn
    Reason I am leaving/left previous syn: too much drama, too many non active players...

    Pm me if i might fit your team...
    Last edited by CCBTinkSS; 06-04-2014 at 08:40 PM. Reason: found a home

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    i search for a syn maybe top 1500-4000.
    with only 20 member.

    7.3mil att not boosted
    6.75 def
    at lvl67
    no gold

    PM to me

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    London, Englad
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    Still looking for a crew to join? Big Fellas are recruiting. Finished 204 in last boss event. Looking for strong players who are active in events. Must be willing to download WeChat.

    Interested? Message me back

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    Flag Russian
    Country Holland
    110/111k attack and defence

    Looking for a dutch/european faction with nice boost and finish events.
    And alot of fun

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    Be a Basterd - Inglorius Basterds

    Quote Originally Posted by gaz-crimecity View Post
    Location - England (GMT)
    ATT/DEF Stats - 11.7m/13.2m
    IPH - $10,397,001
    Gold/Free - Gold
    I can donate millions if needed. I donate 100+ Uzi’s etc every time, I find 100’s of bricks - I contribute in all battles. I am a low level gold user - I will spend on average 240 gold per battle period.
    Syndicate I'm seeking - Top 750ish

    Reason you left the previous faction - Change of management has seen me left in the 2nd team with only 10 players and most based on PST - I am GMT - so they are rarely online at the same time as me - I am not an officer so cannot summon - It is starting to cost me points and opportunity now.
    This is the first time I am looking to switch syndicates. I have been part of the syndicate I am with now since the start of syndicates in the game.
    I feel I am wasted where I am at the moment and am not in the “cool club” to maintain a place in the 1st team hence looking for a new home.
    Use an iPhone - Would rather not use 3rd party app for chat and strategy

    Invite code - 788898498

    PM here to discuss your offers
    Have you found a syndicate?

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    Last ranking is 380. Growing hard with lot of active and fun members. We have 10 spots left because we kicked inactive players. Join us 468 088 369

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    This is a free agent posting room.

    Syns don't post here because smart free agents figure out one of two things:

    1. You can't follow instructions or are rude. Apply to syndicates with their own threads

    2. You're desperate. Great syn for leaching

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    6 accounts, we will not split up, looking for t50. All daily players with 484k ip combined last war. Must complete all events. We are all gold users. Edit: we use Line chat app

    Edit: thanks for all the PMs, we found a great team. Good luck!
    Last edited by RuckusXsuckuR; 06-10-2014 at 10:50 PM.

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    Looking for new home

    Level 201
    Iph 8 mil
    Stats-37mil/30 with sun bonus
    Location- Texas cst timezone
    Ip- 44k
    Gold- very light

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    Bump for the homeless
    Facta Non Verba

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