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Thread: Advice & Help Required - Starting Out

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    Advice & Help Required - Starting Out

    My last syndicate didn't have any team work, communication, not even a friendly atmosphere. So I decided to start from scratch and build my own syndicate up.
    So far it hasn't been as easy as I hoped to recruit some dedicated players who want to play regularly. I have three people who have signed up and one promising player.
    We have a few bonuses at the moment but saving money for more.

    Now what I would like is some advice and info from some of the 'old hands' around here on the best way to go about building and moving forward.

    Even if a top player is in between syndicates, changing to another or even want to help me out for a short period I would really appreciate if some one could give me a cash injection in the way of a donation....... Any kind souls out there??

    Any feed-back would be great and appreciated.

    Cheers Jimmy

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    Im starting out too

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    Join my syndicate

    321-659-029 this is a new syndicate that has just started I am looking for daily and active players.
    Join now Officer ranks are limited

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