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Thread: Looking for a syndicate

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    Looking for a syndicate

    I'm an old player that recently got back in to the game. Spent the last while camping, got 213k IPH, should be 250k+ but Gree Hasn't returned my Frosty Hideout that I accidentally sold a while back .
    Currently got about 1500 Gold and just running through the tiers of the Tournament. Only been playing a few hours and got 13k BPs. Shouldn't be too hard to climb up.

    Current Stats:

    Lvl 21
    18.9k atk
    19.4k Def
    213k IPH (Working on getting frosty hideout back)
    32m Cash On Hand.
    1500 Gold On Hand
    941 323 138.
    Have Bricks also.

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    Sent you a request. I have a new syndicate but it will give you the chance to help me build it
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    Hi. 2ND amendment is currently looking for a few active players. Top 400 syndicate. No gold required but we won't object if you insist! Syndicate code is 727~906~449.

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    ent you a message. Also can't invite as it says you're in a faction.

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    (DIL)RoccoDaRottie ...930-032-149. Leader of DILLIGAF... ADD ME!

    You happy with your syn? DILLIGAF (Do. I. Look. Like. I. Give. A. F.?) Do you have what it takes...? has 10 open spots and ALL bonuses MAXED so only require brick donations... 99th in the last pvp event (with only 48/60 members). Consistantly 100-150 in all wars.
    DILLIGAF- 961-730-655

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    Help me created the Ultimate Camping Syndicated, come join me.
    Donate and enjoy the perks, only rule is no wars.

    Tag UMC
    Code 433164263

    Building Output 15%
    Melee Defense 25%
    Gun Defense 25%
    Building Defense 25%
    Car Defense 15%
    Armor Defense 5%

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