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    Hey fellow Knights & Dragons followers,

    If you play on Android and are looking to join a well established Max level 75 guild then look no further,
    Bring The Rain (BTR) are currently recruiting new members, we have only a few requirements...

    You Must Be Level 70+
    You Must Have Line App
    You Must Be Active at All Wars

    We DON'T expect you to purchase gems but saving them up for wars is requested,

    Guild Stats:

    Level 75 Max

    Air Bonus 10% Max
    Earth Bonus 10% Max
    Water Bonus 10% Max
    Spirit Bonus 10% Max
    Fire Bonus 10% Max

    Last 3 day war we reached 11th

    To be apart of this amazing guild visit or add the ID: siraiden on the Line app,

    My Friend Code: WBG-FPC-BDR

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    A Leader Of The Rain Makers Guilds
    GC of Bring The Rain, T50 Guild - Android
    Line ID: siraiden

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    We would love to have you

    Quote Originally Posted by GODZ WRAITH View Post
    I'm a daily player with my best knight being 800 attack and 876 defence.... I use quite a lot of gems and I'm lvl 33 leviling daily! I am currently ranked 441 in the arena amd plan to make top 250 before the end. Leave a comment or shoot me a PM. Cheers
    Hey my name in the game is bwb Omahahaze if your looking for a very helpful reliable guild lookup backwoods brawlers. Very friendly clan with alot of experience.

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    we have available spots for members

    I am opening this thread for people who have interest in joining Solaris 2, a high performing guild with no required gem spending. This Guild is Android only.

    General guild requirements:

    *3 or more boss + armor at /near maxed level or epics.

    *Level 80+( prefer 100, but will take lower if you can level up to 100 fast) Reasonably/full castle, with level 2 training fields or monster nests.
    *Average of 30 attacks in 1 day guild war, 50 attacks in a 2 day war and 75 for a 3 day war minimum is required. Raids minimums are determined before the raid.

    With that being said, our overall goals are as follows:

    *Be active Have fun Use Line Chat for guild (This is a must)
    *Commit to developing your gold production before we ask you to donate gold to the guild.
    *Do our absolute best without spending gems (that is your call on how you spend them)
    * Enjoy your guild mates company/ competition *Learn from each other Help out few middle level guild mates
    *Be positive Strive to see how good We can do as a guild without spending gems
    *Remember that real life comes before the game.

    This guild is level 75
    All element bonuses are maxed at 10%
    Some history results :
    All members have join a guild twice for top 25 and we have rank 12 both times
    We been rank 36,62,83.

    In the Royal Skeleton Raid we ranked 9th.
    In the Rivenloc Raid we placed 49th.
    We almost always rank top 100 unless we decide to take off a war.
    Also European and Asian are welcome we have several strong and active players willing to team up with you.

    Contact us by using the following Line Chat ID's:

    GM - mariarobinson

    Other leaders:

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    Quote Originally Posted by GODZ WRAITH View Post
    I'm a daily player with my best knight being 800 attack and 876 defence.... I use quite a lot of gems and I'm lvl 33 leviling daily! I am currently ranked 441 in the arena amd plan to make top 250 before the end. Leave a comment or shoot me a PM. Cheers

    Add xbr pqg ggc.

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    We are a fairly new guild looking for active members. We are on iOS and are accepting all active players.
    Level 22
    13/23 members
    Bonuses are as follows.
    Fire 4%
    Earth 4%
    Wind 4%
    Water 5%
    Spirit 5%
    All active members are welcome, level doesn't matter, line is not required but it is encouraged, Guild Sentinel and Guild Champion spots are available.
    Contact speaker3 on line or just apply to TeamThreeStar.

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    The Higher Power lvl63 with all 8%bonuses is recruiting active players Only

    Hi, I'm Vulcan Mask, Gm of 18 month old The Higher Power Guild, we had to remove some old members that became inactive and need You to help us finish our journey (almost done) to the Top, we've had finishes in wars as low as 139, but just need a few active members to get us into the top 💯. Once we're there, we become part of a bigger family which means even greater rewards. We Always win a legendary each war already and always do really well. We have a unique way of sharing Intel so we have an advantage on a lot of opponents. We are a family and have a great deal of fun in every war with great accomplishments. Also you will be able to get your Epic boss quests done weekly much easier with us as friends. Either add me to Line Chat app, my Line I.D. Is "vulcanmask" or you can put in "The Higher power" in the "Join Guilds" section and we may give you a shot that way too. We don't require Anyone to buy gems but we have a fair amount who do, and even without Gems we still always win a Legendary Armour every war. But again were now close to the top 💯We have 19 VERY dedicated High activity players, and that's a VERY solid Elite crew of the highest participation levels. They all remained after we discussed that we are ready to go beyond top 💯, so I Had to remove quite a few players of the game that either got into a new game or Didnt have the desire to be active enough for top 💯. But there's a new generation of AWESOME players out there and we hope you join the Perfect fit for successful ambitious people who like to WIN BIG!! I'm sure that you can keep up with us! Come and join the Best Guild in Knights and Dragons for Many reasons you will soon know! 😄👍

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    recruiting for raid!!

    Wolf den is accepting new members after this war, level 30+ and must be active, no war minimums yet just show your active and willing to take part, all level 5 bonuses and a few HC spots available, line ID wolf3x6 hit me up if your interested or pm me

    we are a new guild but growing fast, I am the GM level 107 with a few epics

    Friend code WBD-NZQ-BCM

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    Fah Q is recruiting. Newer guild building active members. We have 16/23 members, all active. Looking for more

    No fees, just donate what and when you can. Only requirement is stay active and participate in events.

    Add xbr pqg ggc for an invite

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    the scooby gang

    The scooby gang is looking for members. Main requirement is participation in guild events. 5% boost for air/spirit armors. 4% boost to other armors

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    I am a very active player (currently I have my own guild in which I prefer to be alone), I am looking for a guild that has the ambition to win the next war, (I want the black chromatic + badly)
    At the end of the war I will go on my way anyway but I can promise the maximum effort during the next war.
    I have the following armors (all maxed)
    Firestorm Vanguard+
    Dragonborn Aegis
    Earthwarden's shroud
    Aquatic Battlegear
    Sandstorm Platemail
    Druidic Platemail
    Forgestone Aegis
    Maelstrom Iron
    Centurion Aegis

    If some guild is interested please contact me asap

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    Gia sư dạy kèm ôn thi Đại Học khối C tại nhà
    Cha mẹ có con chuẩn bị thi đại học và đang cần gia sư-giáo viên để ôn luyện ôn thi đại học và tôt nghiệp?
    Cha mẹ có con đang lo ngại về việc t́m gia sư dạy thi đại học khối A B C D nơi đâu chất lượng? Nhằm giúp ôn luyện thi bảo đảm kết quả tối đa cho đợt thi tốt nghiệp THPT và đại học sắp tới.
    Con của bạn đang lựa chọn thầy cô giáo luyện thi đại học ?
    Cuộc đời học sinh tất vả ai cũng mong được học tại giảng đường Đại Học. Nhằm hướng tới ước mơ đó các bạn học viên, chủ yếu là các bạn học sinh lớp 12 phải cố gắng phấn đấu hết sức. Ôn thi đại học là một điều quan trọng không thể xem thường đối với các em học tṛ.
    Trung tâm với nhiều gia sư là thầy cô giáo, các bạn sinh viên kinh nghiệm chuyên ôn thi đại học khối A, B, C, D với các môn Toán – Lư - Hóa - Anh Văn - Văn – Sinh, đưa từ nhiều trường Đại Học Trong địa bàn Tp Hồ Chí Minh như Bách khoa – Nhân Văn - Xây Dựng – Ngoại Thương - ... Tất cả các giáo viên nhiều phương pháp luyện thi đại học các khối A, B, C, D các môn Toán – Lư - Hóa - Tiếng Anh - Văn – Sinh sẽ dạy cho các bạn học viên từng phần một cách tiến bộ nhanh nhất.
    Gia sư giỏi chuyên nhành, nhiều kiến thưcx, phương pháp sư phạm đảm bảo gia su luyen thi dai hoc mon ly da nang bảo đảm dạy ôn luyện thi đại học cho bạn đạt chất lượng cao cho đợt thi đại học sắp tới.

    Trung tâm chuyên cung cấp:
    * Gia sư-Giáo viên giỏi chuyên dạy kèm tất cả các môn Khối A (Toán Lư Hóa) - Khối B (Toán Hóa Sinh) - Khối C (Văn Sử Địa) - Khối D (Toán Văn Anh Văn)
    * Dạy kèm ôn luyện thi Đại Học các khối A, B, C, D...
    * Với kinh nghiệm lâu năm của gia su tieng phap tai da nang trong lĩnh vực giảng dạy các môn Toán - Lư - Hóa - Anh Văn - Sinh... Văn pḥng chúng tôi bảo đảm sẽ mang lại sự tự tin cho các quư phụ huynh.
    Chương tŕnh ôn thi:
    Phân dạng chương tŕnh bài tập và lư thuyết theo cấu trúc bài thi
    Củng cố và nâng cao phương pháp bằng việc ôn luyện và rà soát lại tất cả kĩ năng. Học lư thuyết đến đâu ứng dụng vào làm bài kiểm tra đến đó.
    Ngắn gọn – dễ hiểu - dễ vận dụng.
    Phương pháp giảng dạy:
    Uy tín - Chất lượng
    Nêu, gợi mở bài ôn để học viên tiếp thu nhẹ nhành - hiệu quả.
    Bảo đảm học sinh đạt được kết quả tốt nhất trong thời gian ngắn nhất
    Chú trọng đến sự phát huy khả năng tư duy, phát triển nhân cách toàn diện của học tṛ, nhằm giúp thấu hiểu và phát huy tối đa tiềm năng của chính ḿnh, lúc đó gia sư đà nẵng đảm bảo các em đạt được mục tiêu, chú tâm và cần cù hướng tới mong muốn của các bạn.

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    join Live 2 play

    Join Live 2 Play Friend XBR-QWW-NNX and message dawnodead1 on line.
    Looking to join a top 50 guild with only a few hours left till the next war starts? Well look no further join Live 2 Play.
    Have you outgrown your current guild? Sick and tired of being the only one contributing while getting crappy rewards? Sick and tired of your voice not being heard? Looking to actually have fun during guild events? Well look no further. Join our guild Live 2 Play and be apart of something amazing as we make a push for the top 25.

    Here are a few reasons why you should join.
    1. No Level Requirement
    2. No gem spending requirement. Though a lot of us gem our min requirements are obtainable without gemming. You will never be pressured to spend a dime.
    3. There are six members in senior leadership who are on all hours during the events. You will never be alone in a battle or sitting around wondering if war should be declared.
    4. Everyone has a voice.

    Requirements and how to join.
    1. JUST BE ACTIVE. We just want active players. Our minimums are attacked based not point based.
    2. Line is a requirement and you will only be invited to the guild by messaging dawnodead1 on line. Friend me my code is XBR-QWW-NNX when you message me please include your in game name so I know who I am accepting.
    3. Major thing I look at is how active in the arena you are and your epic boss fights.

    So join today we are really a great bunch of people and very lively group.

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    Thumbs up Join My Guild

    Hi Guys, I just made a guild called Knights in Light
    Search Knights in Light
    Requirements are fairly simple: those who are active and over level 30 may join, but those who join much continually get stronger of else will be kicked.
    This guide is mainly to help new players, but the goal is to reach the top
    Spending gems are not required but it will help during wars
    Donating to the guild is also recommended and those who do will be considered for promotions. Also looking for a strong player who will be promoted to sentinel.
    I am level 146 and I hope to receive new members! Thanks!

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    Talking heya

    Quote Originally Posted by GODZ WRAITH View Post
    I'm a daily player with my best knight being 800 attack and 876 defence.... I use quite a lot of gems and I'm lvl 33 leviling daily! I am currently ranked 441 in the arena amd plan to make top 250 before the end. Leave a comment or shoot me a PM. Cheers
    Hey dude. Check out The Miestros. Were currently a small guild but we are extremely active. No requirements other then you try to sign on a lot and chat. we place 1300-1000 in Guild War.

    Thanks and hope to see you soon.

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    Hi Guys,
    Leaders of Kaj could be the guild up your ally.

    We are a top 50 guild, we are extremely rarely outside top 100.

    We have a trainee guild that is full of members. that we are growing and developing into top players. May be ideal for you to develop and become stronger.
    We are part of the SAE alliance, which gives you the opportunity to push for top 10, top 25 (IF you are ready and willing to put up the gems)

    We have no time for leeches in our guild, we have a lot of great players and it is not fair on them. We do ask that you meet at least a 9K minimum each war for a commander, 15K high commander or above. Most well and truly exceed this minimum,

    You are not asked to gem, however a lot of people do like to gem anyway.

    We have a good bunch of people, we have alot of fun. Great way to meet new friends.

    For more details please contact me on line app, Mitchellb101
    Or PM me for more info.

    All the best Mitch

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