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    I search a good and activ guild
    I'm lvl 92 atm and make arround 1 lvl a day
    My strongest knight is at 2600/2250 the rest arround or above 1700/1700
    i'm daily online and use line messanger

    My english isn't that good (nativ german) but i can communicate

    If you're interestet send me a message on line (Name: Risk4Fun)
    Contact me on Line App - Aethers

    Advertisement found below:
    Hey fellow Knights & Dragons followers,

    If you play on iOS and are looking to join a well established Guild. Look no further.
    Tiny Indigo is currently recruiting new members, we have only a few requirements...

    You Must Be Level 50+
    You Must Have Line App
    You Must Be Active at All Wars with a minimum point per event required. Currently 5,000 points

    We DON'T expect you to purchase gems but saving them up for wars is requested.

    We have been in the top 50 numerous times and intend to be there again next event.

    Currently 9 open spots to fill!
    Contact me via Line @ Aethers.

    Hope to see you soon,

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    Cool Smited Gods welcomes you

    Guild name: smited gods
    Platform: android
    Level: 20
    Bonuses: all 4% spirit 5%
    Bank: 3.2 mil and rising
    Needs: sentinel
    Current members: 5
    Requirements: line and active
    How to join: message jushy420 on line

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    Come join Team FlameOn

    We are a free-2-play guild with maxed bonuses and almost maxed lvl (74.5).
    No gemming is required at all, so you can save your gems for chests or top runs as you like, but we want players to be active during wars - HC spots are handed out to those who are most active during wars.

    Team FlameOn is part of SITH and EMPIRE, so you will have access to join top runs whenever you have the gems & armors required for it.

    LINE is required, pm nasstor or tfcloud or tummeliten to join (those are LINE user IDs)


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    Our Guild NaturalBornA has an open spot available

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    Thumbs up Guild Recruitment for Philadelphia Flyers (Android)

    Guild Level: 40 and rising fast.

    16 levels of element bonuses purchased.

    Recently set new benchmarks, going 23-2 in the Luminous War and finishing #397 overall. Also, last week's gold contributions topped 20 million for the first time, so our bonuses will increase quickly from here on out, despite competing fiercely in each and every war/raid.

    As the guild master, I am extremely motivated to move forward and conquer. I am level 507 with all fully leveled epic armor, including both Heroic plus versions. I will help you or the guild out in any way that I can. My friend code is WBV-BWD-HBY.

    Altogether, we only have 14 out of 30 members, but several of us have been battling together for months, are active and well-established. There are leadership roles available and I do update them after wars based on activity in that war and donations for the week. I also kick inactive members at that time, so if you can't participate/donate, don't even bother joining.

    However, I really only require that you be level 50+. I do strongly insist that you be active, always strive to improve and join us on the line app (my user ID is pfgiroux28). I also don't think it's too much to ask of you to donate gold or farm gems for wars at whatever pace you are comfortable with.

    Join us on our way to the top! Together we will soar to the heavens above! Nothing can stop us!!

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    Brand New Android Guild - Men in Ties (MIT) - A subguild of Beastmode Gods (a top 10 team) is looking to fill Sentinel, Guild Champ and High Commander Positions. The guild is already level 23 with only myself working on it with 4% to 6% bonuses thus far.

    This is a free play guild that will have opportunities to play in a top 10 guild. I am looking for a player who can help recruit to be the Guild Champion and one with great armor to be a sentinel. Contact me on line, my signature is below, thanks!
    Guild Master of Sugar Rush

    Currently recruiting players for new FREE PLAY guild, please message me in Line app!

    Line app ID JesusZombie

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    Guild open for members

    Our Guild is open for new members.

    Level 18
    13/21 members

    Must be a daily player, lvl 10+, level up atleast twice a week, participate in wars and contribute. We are a strong guild and just began

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    Are you interested in a merge?

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    Alamo, Tennessee

    Exclamation Northmen is Recruiting!!

    We are a maxed guild and looking for fresh, active blood who wants to help grow and make this guild one of the best! Hit me up on line at dixibell143

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    Dark Phoenix Reborn/DisEnchanted

    Dark Phoenix Reborn is looking for very active players level 100+. We are a fun group, but we do expect activity in wars and raids. If under level 100, apply to DisEnchanted where you can grow stronger.

    DPR is level 55
    Bonuses: fire--8%
    air--10% (full)

    We are very active in every event, and placed 62 in the January 9-11 Raid War. We are a free-to-play guild, but those who wish to spend gems are welcome to do so. We plan on Raid War gemming every couple months. Line is required. Contact vinny-dogg or evcrynne to join.

    DisEnchanted is level 13, any level player can join.
    Bonuses: Earth, water--2%
    spirit, wind, fire--4%

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    New IOS guild Cloud IX

    It's a level 11 guild with all bonuses at 5% and spirt and earth at 6%. We require you to download the free app Line for communication purposes. We require that you have at least one legendary armor and are active. No gold donation minimums but they are encouraged. If interested message Dahag on the app Line.

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    Deaths Dynasty is recruiting

    Join Deaths Dynasty we are a lvl 75 guild with all elemental maxed. We are a top 250/100 guild depending on war. Looking for active members. Currently accepting lvl 90+. We are our own guild, no alliances we also have a sub guild of our own Stained By Blood for lower level players. Contact either lostbluewave or ryanmm8806 on line for more information.
    Ashenfire Robes+, Demortious Robes, Firestorm Vangaurd, Cryptid Wargear, Ravage Shieldplate 2, Dragonborn Aegis 2, Chaos Vangaurd, Armor of the Peacock 2, Tacticians Regalia, Earthwardens Shroud, Crystal Finmail+, Crystal WingGaurd+, All Seeing Aegis, Crystal Geoplate+

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    Join Internal Balance

    Internal Balance (android) are a very established Gypsy guild who are usually top 100 and have done top 25 and top 10 runs before. However, recently we are lacking active members.
    Max guild with 600m gold - Level 100+
    Recruiting new members
    Will consider a guild merge (into ours) of your top members - up to about 20 players.
    HC positions go to top performers
    Great team of very strong players, and we want you to join us!
    Apply in game or contact me on line - bigsahuna

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    The blood tigers

    We are an iOS guild we place around t100 every raid and war we have all element upgrades, we have a top 25 raid run when we have a good amount of people in the guild with 500+ gems which will only take a month of watching videos to get. Our guild is all about growing and getting stronger together we are family based guild. If your wanting to join each of you need to download the app line on the iOS App Store and message 1imot to answer questions to see if you can get into our guild based on armors attitude and having a growing attitude.

    Hope to see you in our guild
    - Tbt river of blood

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    meteor pirates recruiting

    meteor pirates is a maxed guild under the majestic alliance we placed 14th in the last ew, and are seeking active players. Tons of opportunities to level quickly and build up your armors. If you want more information contact me on line at Chrystal23! We hope to hear from you!

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