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    [Add Me Android] One Post per Thread - 2013

    Welcome Knights!

    Before you post, please note that spamming is not acceptable and those post will be removed. That being said, one post will be sufficient to be fair to everyone.

    Please be sure to include the following information to make it easier for your fellow knights to add you.

    Friend Code:
    Knight's name:
    Knight's level:

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    Add me level 7 daily player needs friends please!

    Hello fellow players please add me asap! I am in need of friends I'm a daily player looking for some mates to hunt with me. Add me here is my code WBB-CFF-HHY thank you so much.

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    i forgot to include...

    Add me after tutorial.. I know its one post but I forgot to add the add me
    After you complete tutorial. And also you can add me as a friend I will level
    Fast.. WBB-CFF-HHY thank you and fun gaming to everyone!

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    Add me after tutorial please. XBD-DZZ-NNR. Thanks!

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    Friend Code: WBB-CPZ-GMQ
    Knight's name: archkns
    Knight's level: 6


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    Friend Code: WBB-CDX-QZY
    Knight's name: Dvls
    Knight's level: 15


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    Brutes lvl 25

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    Red face Help! I only have 2 friends!

    Daily player. Level 16. WBB CGF NWP


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    add me

    I am a active lv 15 add me please

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    wbb cdm zcd

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    Wbb ccz qgd

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    Friend Code: WBB-CQM-XDR
    Knight's nameliver
    Knight's level:lv13

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    The heroic knight, Dragonbait, is looking for allies!
    He has thus far reached Level 13!
    To join forces for adventure, kindly enter code WBB CDG DRH !
    Crime City: Kaos --> 228 660 036
    Knights & Dragons (Android): Dragonbait --> WBB CDG DRH

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    add me

    Friend Code:WBB-CQC-PWQ
    Knight's name:Crash
    Knight's level:15
    please add me, im new and i needed the friends benefit
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    Started playing this game last night and I am loving it so far!! I need friends though! Add me please!

    Friend Code: WBB-CQV-DMG
    Knight's name: Daveth
    Knight's level: 11 (currently)
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