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    WBB-CFB-BCZ - Daily Android Player (Level 100+) - Please add me, Thx...

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    Add my wife... please!

    My wife needs friends!

    Code : WBG-HNW-WHX
    Name : Binary Girl
    Level : 23

    She likes the game a bunch, but has no friends to fight with.

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    Daily playing
    Lvl: 71
    Name: SmeGGu
    Code: WDD-CGZ-VZM

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    Friend Code: WBF HFG VCM

    Knight's name: Verminaard

    Knight's level: 72

    Daily player.

    Thanks and good luck to you!

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    Looking for friends and new guild.

    Former guild leader, guildmates went inactive so I passed the guild to another member and now looking for more active guild. Also really need some active mid to high level friends. I have half my spots open. Please add me if you want a most daily player with all epic monster armors who is constantly upgrading and leveling.

    Name: Brianna Westland
    Level: 52
    Code: WBB-VPQ-HZF

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    Mar 2013

    [Add Me Android] One Post per Thread - December 2013

    Welcome Knights!

    Before you post, please note that spamming is not acceptable and those post will be removed. That being said, one post will be sufficient to be fair to everyone.

    Please be sure to include the following information to make it easier for your fellow knights to add you.

    Friend Code:
    Knight's name:
    Knight's level:

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    New player and play everyday.

    Friend Code:WBG-BCG-XXR
    Knight's name:Benjamin
    Knight's level: LVL 46

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    Add me

    Friend code: WBF-QXB-CYY
    Knight's name: Tayr
    Knight's level: 11

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    Please use my invite code!

    Please use my invite code, you'll get a bonus armor that will help you get started in the game. And I can help you defeat the epic bosses.

    Friend Code: WBB-XMP-QFC
    Knight's name: Crazycobra
    Knight's level: 119



    Death Be 4 Dishonor -LVL 53 Guild
    Must be LVL 70+
    Get in before the next guild war...
    Last edited by crazycobra; 12-25-2013 at 05:18 AM.

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    Nov 2013


    I Play every day ^^ If you have a problem with the boss I can help you

    Friend Code: WBD YFW DYV
    Knight's name: FayreUchiha
    Knight's level: 75

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    please add me

    Lol 23
    Need friends please my code is
    name is juggalosmokez
    thanks in advance

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    Plzx addcurrent nemesis armor and notus+ for use on epic/adventure boss!

    Good friend to have!
    leveling fast & gem spender!
    for epic boss I have a nemesis armor for you to use to your advantage!

    Knight's name: Rose
    Current level 37

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    Nov 2013
    Lvl 100+ player on android.

    Guild Master of Forest Gods.

    Last edited by Forest God; 12-07-2013 at 08:38 AM.

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    ad me

    Friendcode WBC-CMX-DMR
    Level 106

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