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    High leveled active player

    I have maxed four star and soon epic armor, my friend code is WBB-DWF-BPH please add me.

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    Hi all...

    Hi, play the game 2 days, plz add me

    Friend Code: WBG YXZ CWN
    Knight's name: Bommel
    Knight's level: 27

    Thank u!!!

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    Thumbs up add me

    Add me after tutorial I can help with boss battles. Play several times daily.


    Lvl 256

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    Very active player, please add me.

    Friend Code: WBG-RGD-DMP
    Knight's Name: Strata
    Knight's Level: 20

    I will add you as a friend too.
    Last edited by Strata; 12-20-2013 at 05:40 AM.

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    Let's be friends

    Friend Code: WBG-ZHX-MWH
    Knight's Name: Caleb
    Knight's Level: 26

    Thanks amigos

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    FrosteeSnoman's Avatar
    Join Date
    Dec 2013
    Could do with some more friends to fight!

    OS: Android
    Level: 142
    Stats: Amazing
    Code: WBD BZF XXM
    Knights & Dragons
    Code: WBD - BZF - XXM
    Guild: Crit Happens
    Guild Position: Guild Master

    Rage of the Immortals
    Code: QFQ - QZX - XRZ
    Faction: The Immortals
    Faction Position: Initiate

    Line ID: frosteesnoman
    Favorite Food: Corn
    "The only good dog, is a hot dog"

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    Add me after tutorial pls I am daily player lvl 300+. my code is WBB - DRF - ZDD. Android Player.

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    Zarlakk's Avatar
    Join Date
    Dec 2013
    Down Under Mate

    Looking For some new Friends ;)

    Almost everything You need to know is in my signature I've usually got the appropriate armor for epic bosses, so add me if you need a lil help defeating an epic boss

    OS: Andriod
    Knights + Dragons
    IGN/Line ID: Zarlakk
    Code:WBC - ZGC - HBX
    Clan: Crit Happens
    Clan Position:Recruiter/ Guild Sentinel

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    add me and join

    WBF-YGB-CYM add me to your friends and I need active players in my guild Madra I'm active 24/7

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    Add me

    New to the game but playing everyday. Looking for some more friends.

    Knights name: Alderan
    Level: 22


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    Knight's Name: Marethyu
    Knight's Level: 25
    Friend code: WBB-GFW-FMY

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    Join Date
    Nov 2013
    Knights name: Dave3d
    Knights Level: 68 (but I consistently beat level 103/106 players)
    Friend code: WBF-XQX-MCZ
    Very active player
    Northerners Battlgear 69/99
    Wicker Mantle 56/70
    Wicked Wraith+ 50/70
    Asherah's Nemesis 46/50
    Vesture of frost 24/70 (better Nemesis armor thatn this is)
    Red Kalediscopic+ 70/70
    Snowman's Nemesis+ 50/50
    Krampus' Mantle (2 hours left to build)
    Guild Sentinel (Dark Tail clan)

    Second account (yes, I play 2 devices at a time, both android):
    Knights name: Spooon
    Knights Level: 35
    Friend code: WBG-BDP-CPZ
    Very active player
    Currently cant get past any boss (stuck on level 14 boss last 2 bosses), need very high level players on this account to get some good armor)

    Last edited by Dave3d; 12-21-2013 at 11:19 PM.

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    add me android

    don't got many friends in the game i am an android user lvl 72 + with about 6 epic armors my friend code is WBG-GPN-YHM thanks

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    add me

    Level 30

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    Friend Code: WBG-VBV-YPB
    Knight's Name: Viper
    Level: 177

    Hello i am very active add me when you need to enter the code to get the armor!

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