Top 75 , Top 150 and Top 200/400 guilds looking for members


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Thread: Top 75 , Top 150 and Top 200/400 guilds looking for members

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    Top 75 , Top 150 and Top 200 guilds looking for members

    We are three sister guilds. Between us we have 6-8 empty slots.

    Between us we should have a guild suitable for most players. As you grow stronger and progress you can move up guilds or if you have real-life issues and need to slow down and move down guilds. We work as a team and are happy to have active players of all levels.

    If you are interested let me know.

    Requirements are based on 3 day wars
    Top 75 : 30k CP point min + 75k daily donation minimum
    Top 150 : 20k CP point min + 50k daily donation minimum or 30k CP points no donation requirement
    Top 200: 15k CP point + 30k daily donation

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    I am the leader of Just For Bonuses guild. We require a minimum 50k/day donation(most members donate 3-4 times that amount per day. We accept anyone willing to donate at least the minimum and that has decent att/def stats. High IPH is preferred.

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