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Thread: FREE AGENTS Post Here (Factions: Please don't post in this thread)

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    Oct 2012
    “An unexamined life is not worth living.”- Socrates
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    new account...played the game previously for a couple years...last on the forum almost 3 yrs ago...looking for a faction to help me grow and develop and im looking to contribute where i can...thx
    Carnage Evolution 💪🏻

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    Got back to the game last week and looking for a faction, I'm relatively active, not looking for anything specific. I live in Europe and speak dutch, english and german. Unfortunately I lost my old account so I started from scratch, the numbers are insane nowadays lol..

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    Dec 2012
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    Central Time USA
    ATT 654,913,653,786,667 / DEF 333,315,184,699,733
    IPH 1b
    30-50 WD points
    Light Gold
    Looking for top 200
    Took 1 year break and starting back up
    id# 980-170-510

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    2 acc... 3.5aa & 1aa
    Looking for top 200
    Msg pvt or Add me on gm >>>

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    Looking for active players to join Millers Mercs #200044102 I'll leave the door open for you to have a look.

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    Rising of the Corp
    977 263 147

    A top 200 team is looking for new members
    Active minis welcome
    Only requirement is to stay active and have fun

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    high stats/donate member looking for high stats faction

    Hi all im from USA
    Stats are: 148 TRILLION attack, 170 TRILLION deensef and rising fast.
    IPH $94,183,725
    gold spender - high points
    Seeking only top 50 and higher faction,
    Want to move up
    Inbox me if keen

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