Top 150 guild looking for new members


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Thread: Top 150 guild looking for new members

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    Top 150 guild looking for new members

    Top 150 guild looking for new members

    Some Spots For Active Team Players
    We are looking for new players; our goal is enter in top 100. We are a good and international group. Our players are really active. We are well organized and looking for people who can help us in our purpose. Limited spots.

    team player
    minimum 25,000 conquer pts in last war (Darkhome under siege)
    familiar with basic battle strategies
    participates in group forum/chat and events

    We have 30 bonuses purchased.

    PM me if you have any questions or join now (please send me your level, stats and the conquer points you achive in the last war).

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    Friendly top 75 guild looking for new members

    If you are in need of a friendly and very active guild, join the Alderaanian Knights! We averaged top 75 in the wars (at least 75 this last war, 81, 67 and 64th respectively). We have 24 bonuses and more in the near future. We are seeking strong, active players to share the benefits of a strong and experienced guild. Our guild guardian has over 600K defense.

    We would also consider a merger if you are one of the many smaller guilds that are active and want to participate in the wars but just don't have the numbers to succeed.

    Guild invite code is 254761966
    Miranda 874 514 293

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    Join the Bronx Knights

    Once again back to the drawing boards and refining our Guild.

    Guild invite Code: 840674396 - Bronx Knights
    Add me personally if you want to chat and find out more; Slaytanic - 470-789-417

    We've moved up from 721 to 572 in the previous war, and have just succeeded in coming in top 500 in Darkhome, just waiting for final list to verify exactly what place.

    We are a fun active guild, no minimum buy in, no daily donations required, no actual money used, all we ask is be active in the wars, and donate whatever you can when you can. Theres no reason to go broke just to please the guild masters. We want you to still be improving your own kingdom and stats, it just helps you more to donate and get all the bonuses we buy

    We are actively seeking 8 new members as we are dropping the dead weight who have not been active in the wars nor donated a single penny. Or if you have 8 members of your guild who are tired of not seeing any action out of 60% of your guild please feel free to message us and we'll accept all 8 of you. Out of the 32 members, we have 24 that are active daily.

    Help us strengthen our Guild, which helps you strengthen your kingdom.

    No minimum stats required either, we dont care if you are a level 20 or level 170, just looking for active members to replace the inactive.

    However we are a force to be reckoned with, 12 players over level 150, 13 above 100, and 7 under 100, though we welcome anyone, we'd rather have an active level 30 than an inactive level 160

    Come one come all

    And of course you get to benefit from the following bonuses;
    Casualty rate: -9%
    Upgrade cost: -18%
    Building Upgrade time: -22%

    Wishing you the best

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