⏰⏰Cleveland UNMC⏰⏰
New free war rotations..fighting hard..every other WD event!
Looking for a super-fun...active players faction?
We ranked 168, 212, 74, 88, 89, 134, 123
We dismissed inactive players and have a few open spots.
Minimum requirements are 40k WD points that is mandatory as its only fair
for the many gold players we have!.. 

Minimum attack/defense 100k 
Minimum donation is 3.5 mill/day 

We've decided that WD every 18 days is too
taxing on our gold players...we will play free
only in Poland and give it our all every
other WD event. Keeping the game fun and not a chore!

bonuses are: ATT. / DEF.
INFANTRY: +10%/+20%
GROUND: +5% /+20%
✈AIR: +15%
⚓SEA: +10%
 Building Output: +15%
 Defense Building:+20%
 Health Regen: 26%
 Guild increase : +(22) 44
We now have a few open spots!
please consider and join a great group of people all aiming for the same thing 
if interested, send me note or request:
 Faction ID: 608450001